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S2 E2 Brave New Media: Creating Conversation with Authorities

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Welcome to Brave New Media, the global podcast that showcases the stories of journalists and editors from around the world in our mission to create a healthier media ecosystem.

In series two, we explore the role media plays in different contexts and how these roles impact their relationship with political powers.

Each episode features a specialist who provides expert analysis to the issues uncovered by our Brave New Media outlets, and offers possible solutions.

In this episode, we travel to Tanzania to meet Jacqueline Lawrence, who created a community radio station, Highlands FM, in her home region, Mbeya.

Highlands has played a vital role in the economic development of this agricultural region, through public debates that connect the station’s audiences with local and national government officials.

But Jacqueline shares the challenges she has faced in steering a difficult course between reflecting the concerns of her audiences, and avoiding antagonising the authorities.

Our specialist for this episode is Alphonce Shiundu, a Kenyan journalist who works with Africa Check, a fact-finding organisation that seeks to improve the quality of information across Africa.

Brave New Media is a co-production between BBC Media Action and Holy Mountain. It’s presented by Maha Taki and produced by Saskia Black. To contact us, email: [email protected]

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