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Welcome to BIN Radio, a nutrition-focused podcast from the crew at Black Iron Nutrition! We are here to tell the story of nutrition as we see it, share our knowledge and our approach to nutrition, insights, stories, thoughts, feelings, all of it. Join the party!

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    Making Big Changes with Our Client (and Friend!) Jess


    We welcome on one of our long time clients Jess onto the program to share her journey. She talks about her fitness and nutrition journey, her scale and non-scale victories, and the process of growing that was never linear, which is what makes growth so challenging and rewarding.
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    Dealing with Gym Anxiety


    Emi stops by to talk about Gym Anxiety. It’s the new year, you might have committed to making positive changes to your life, and there’s a bit of stress and anxiety holding you back or making you shrink inside of yourself. Emi and Ryan have a conversation to share their experiences and lessons they’ve learned on how to deal with anxiety, lack of confidence, and stress stepping into gyms, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been at it for 40 years.
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  • BIN Radio podcast

    Nutrition Primer 2.0


    For anyone out there in these here internets, welcome to BIN Radio. We are a nutrition and fitness themed podcast done by the fine folks at Black Iron Nutrition. On this episode, we are joined by coaches Ryann and Morgan, and we share the guiding principles and philosophies that we have formed over time that drive us as a company and then we give a fairly in depth primer about nutrition and how to successfully create a diet for yourself. Hope you enjoy!
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 93: Blood Sugar Regulation


    Lauren stops by to talk about blood sugar regulation. Blood sugar regulation is one of the most important aspects of nutrition we stress to clients. Lauren talks about why it’s important, what the signs and symptoms of poor blood sugar regulation are, the acute and chromic problems it can cause, and how to go about fixing it and how to maintain good blood sugar regulation
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 92: Training For Performance When Your Goal is Weight Loss


    Two of our Black Iron Training rockstars, Kelly and Kiefer- who is now head of programming- stop by to talk about the never ending struggle between eating and training for improved performance and eating and training to look beach ready. We talk about why non-scale goals can help to eliminate the tunnel vision of aesthetic goals, why it’s okay to want to focus on one or the other, and why it can be suboptimal to attempt to do both simultaneously.
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 91: Self-Advocacy and Growing Into a New Identity


    One of the largest components of your journey will be reflecting on, then giving yourself permission to change your identity. It will most likely be necessary that you will have to retool some of your relationships and habits so that your goals and lifestyle align. Piggybacking off of Episode 90, Lauren and Diana talk further about navigating objections and obstacles from friends, family, and loved ones when you start a new fitness and nutrition journey and how to be thoughtful and clear in your communications and expectations of yourself and others.
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 90: Dealing with Unsupportive People


    It’s inevitable that at some point in your fitness and nutrition journey, you will be confronted by a situation where someone-an acquaintance, a family member, a partner, a friend- will express their lack of support and understanding towards your goals and your approaches to them. Kelly and Ryann stop by to talk about these situations, how to deal with those situations, from how to handle your feelings towards the situation, how to effectively communicate, and what to do if conversations don’t resolve the issue. We also give some helpful tips for how to approach the big holiday meals and parties.
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 89: All About Protein


    Ashley, Maggie and Libby stop by to talk about our favorite macronutrient-protein! They talk about what protein is, why protein is so important, how to choose the best sources of protein, what other macro and micronutrients to pay attention to when choosing protein sources, and how to improve protein digestion and absorption.
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 88: Fad Diets Throughout History


    From Tape Worms to Detox Teas, Ashley, Maria and Courtney gang up to talk about various fad diets that have come and gone throughout the years. We try to decode the allure of fad diets, demystify the reasons and ways they can work, and explain why they can be among the worst possible options to sustainably lose weight and improve health. Ask yourself. What do you do when your fad diet ends?
  • BIN Radio podcast

    Episode 87: Investing In Yourself


    Maria and Courtney stop by to talk about the need to invest in yourself. The payoff for good habits usually isn’t immediate; they take time to build and they can take longer to see the results they bring. But like many things in life, those (sometimes) hard things are worth pursuing. The goal for all of us is to do our part to lead you to enjoy a long and fruitful life!

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