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Episode 13 - Tim Branford-White

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In this episode, Tim describes the debilitating effect BDD had on his life for 15 years, and how he recovered.

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  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 23 - Berni Benton


    Berni hid what she called her “secret shame” for 40 years before discovering she’d been suffering from skin-picking disorder – a common co-morbidity with body dysmorphic disorder that can also manifest on its own. She’s since learnt how to say no to the skin-picking voice and has even appeared in a naked calendar.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 22 - Andy Hall


    Ten years ago, Andy used to spend eight hours a day in front of the mirror and couldn’t imagine ever being able to function. Now, he works full time and describes himself as 90% to 95% recovered from body dysmorphic disorder
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  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 21 - Flora Howarth


    Flora suffered with body dysmorphic disorder alongside an eating disorder until just 18 months ago. Since then, she’s made truly inspirational progress is overcoming BDD, and built up a personal toolkit of tricks that will be really helpful to listeners.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 20 - Elias Marchetti


    In his interview, Elias describes how doing exposures was a huge help in recovering from body dysmorphic disorder
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 19 - Nicole Schnackenberg


    In her interview, Nicole talks about her lived experience of BDD and anorexia and how it's informed the life she lives now.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 18 - Professor David Veale


    In this episode, Professor David Veale talks about how he came to specialise in BDD, and answers questions from people with the condition.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 17 - Kitty Wallace


    As head of operations for the BDD Foundation in the UK, Kitty Wallace supports sufferers and their families, raises awareness of the condition and much more. But she’s also had her own experience of living with BDD. Her story shows that recovery may not always be a straight line, but it’s always possible.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 16 - Rebecca Foster


    Rebecca suffered from BDD for many years, alongside issues with alcohol and food. It was only when she realised the BDD was driving the other issues that she was able to make real and inspiring progress.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 15 - Scarlett and Frances


    This is the second part of a conversation between two mums whose daughters are in recovery from BDD. In it, Scarlett and Frances discuss how schools can help or hinder, how to support someone through treatment and the importance of setting small goals.
  • Beating BDD podcast

    Episode 14 - Scarlett and Frances


    In this episode, the first of two, Scarlet and Frances describe how they coped with having daughters with severe BDD.

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