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A podcast about sleep, giving birth, baby poop, maternal instinct, babies, pregnancy- everything you have been googling and discussing online for ours. Every question you wanted answered, but you were too scared to ask. Every thought you have- thinking its only you. A podcast about being pregnant and what happens after.

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  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Having a home birth


    A question pregnant women all over the world ask themselves. We don't have the answer, but we like to talk about it. In this episode of the bbhugme podcast we talk to Midwife Lindsey Meehleis about the choice, the risk, the beauty and the stories about home births. 
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    5 Strength exercises for when you are pregnant


    Ann Kristin Homdrum is the founder of bbhugme and a chiropractor specialised in pediatrics. In this episode she explains her favorite 5 strength exercises for pregnant women. Why you should do them and more importantly how. 
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

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  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Can I possibly avoid having a fussy baby?


    We are talking to bbhugme founder, chiropractor and pediatric specialist, Hilde S. Tavares about how we can possibly avoid having a fussy baby. 
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Can I exercise when pregnant?


    Bbhugme founder, chiropractor and pediatric specialist, Ann Kristin S. Homdrum helps us getting an understanding of the importance of staying active while pregnant.  Rather than pointing fingers, lets find inspiration, motivation and support in each other.   
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Everything you needed to know about baby poop


    In this episode of the bbhugme podcast, pediatric doctor Harriet Plowright talks to host Johanna about those things we should talk about more. Today we are talking baby poop. Everything you wanted to know and searched the internet for when it comes to baby poop. 
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    let's get ready to give birth!


    Some people are scared of it, some might look forward to it. We all want to get ready for it. In this episode of the bbhugme podcast, host Johanna Mesa talks to midwife Åsa Lind about giving birth. 
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Maternal Instinct - What is it and do I have it?


    Host Johanna Mesa talks to bbhhugme's newest member of their expert panel, Rachel Curran. What is maternal instinct and is it something that comes natural to every mom?
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Sleep, pregnancy and why they don't always go together.


    Host Johanna Mesa talks to bbhugme founder and Doctor of Chiropractic, Pediatric specialist, Hilde S. Tavares about sleep and pregnancy. They touch in on the story about bbhugme and how sleep and the basic needs in life became what guided Hilde through her journey.    
  • bbhugme's podcast podcast

    Pregnant during the covid -19 pandemic


    What happens when your most special time collides with the most challenging time the world has seen? Being pregnant during the covid-19 pandemic is not only scary, but also isolating for a lot of moms-to-be out there. Johanna Mesa talks to DC Pediatric Specialist. Hilde S. Tavares about being pregnant in these difficult times.  

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