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36 - When and how to use an agency (or agencies), or outsource your entire marketing function

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Especially when ramping up, software companies have a ‘need for speed’ and it is oftentimes best to contract with outside talent. 

Today, in addition to a special product announcement, Mike and Stijn discuss best practices for when and how to best outsource some or all of your marketing function. 

Do you go for a piecemeal solution, with multiple agencies for specific problems? 

This can be a great choice, especially when you only have one or two jobs to be done. But, we’ve seen many startups suffer from agency fatigue, and struggle to onboard and manage a quickly growing team of agencies.

Do you instead outsource your entire marketing function? This can be great for accountability to large growth targets, and ease of use, but if you’re not sure what direction your business is going in, and haven’t reached PMF,  it can be a waste of precious time and money. 

Inside, Mike and Stijn discuss the philosophy of hiring an agency or outsourced marketing team, and how to approach it. 

Some of the questions they address are: How do you hire someone to do a job you don’t fully understand? How do you hold them accountable, and reach your growth targets in a cost and time effective way?

They also emphasize the importance of strategic patience and tactical impatience—the idea that it’s essential to wait on strategic long term goals, but simultaneously focus on short term tactics. 

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