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Interpreting the Messages with Naama Zoran

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Dr. Naama Zoran returns to the podcast to help to shift our understanding about the Image of Learning. How can we, the educators, listen and respond to the powerful messages the children are sending us in order for us to partner with them in their research about the world? Please send your questions and comments to [email protected], and I will share them with Naama before her next visit. If you wish to reach out to Naama, please do so through her Facebook page.

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    February 17th Awakened to Reggio: The Live Webinar presented by podcast host, Sandy Lanes


    Don't miss this opportunity to continue your learning about what it means to be inspired by the Reggio Approach. Join me on February 17, 2022 at 7pm EST. My hope is to help you to find your own entry points in this amazing way of seeing and being. For more information go to or check out my website at
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    Looking for the Third Door with Susan MacKay and Matt Karlsen


    Susan MacKay and Matt Karlsen from Opal School invite us to join children in their thinking as they share about their journeys at Opal School and the evolution of Story Workshop. Find out more about their Center for Playful Inquiry at and check out Susan's new book, Story Workshop: New Possibilities for Young Writers.
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  • Awakened to Reggio podcast

    Leading with Compassion with Kristie Norwood


    Kristie Norwood shares with Sandy how to live, learn, and lead through her values. Her transformative experiences, including her years at the Reggio-inspired Chicago Commons schools, will take you on a unique journey in which you will find inspiration for your own work. If you are interested in knowing more about the ROW Initiative, please visit
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    Instigating Curiosity with Cindy Foley


    Cindy Foley is the Executive Deputy Director for Learning, Experience, and Engagement at the Columbus Museum of Art, and led the charge to open their award-winning Center for Creativity. Her spirit and passion will inspire us as educators to dig deeper with children, and awaken ourselves to their wonder, curiosity, and questioning. Find out more on the Columbus Museum of Art website and be sure to listen to Cindy's amazing Ted Talks. They are mind-shifting!
  • Awakened to Reggio podcast

    Looking to See with Ben Mardell


    Ben Mardell, from Harvard's Project Zero, using a multitude of examples, speaks about documentation, play, and developing a more robust image of the child. 
  • Awakened to Reggio podcast

    Creating Connections with Louise Boyd Cadwell


    Louise Boyd Cadwell is the author of Bringing Reggio Home and Bringing Learning to Life, iconic resources about the Reggio Approach. She shares her amazing experiences in the Reggio schools, her partnership with educators as they study the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. and most currently her initiative to bring sustainability education to schools. Connect with Louise at
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    Building An Approach with Amelia Gambetti (part 2)


    Listen to the second part of the interview with the incomparable Amelia Gambetti, in which she shares her personal stories from the history of the Reggio Emilia Approach. She will offer many insights to help us elevate our images of the child, educator, and family as well as strengthen our understanding of the role of the educator. 
  • Awakened to Reggio podcast

    Meeting Malaguzzi with Amelia Gambetti


    In Part 1 of the interview with Amelia Gambetti, we are taken on a beautiful journey of growth and transformation. As one of the most noted educators from the history of the Reggio Approach, it is thrilling to hear Amelia share stories of her relationship with Loris Malaguzzi, of learning alongside the children, and of seeing the environment "as a living protagonist."   Stay tuned for Part 2, which will be out shortly.
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    Heart-Centered Teaching with Ann Pelo, hosted by Sandy Lanes


    World-renowned educator and author, Ann Pelo, shares her journey of pedagogical transformation, inviting us to see our moments with children and our understanding of learning in a new way.  Please check out her most recent book, From Teaching to Thinking, which is a powerful and tangible guide to deepening our practice. 
  • Awakened to Reggio podcast

    Living in the Questions with Barbara Moser


    Barbara Moser is a studio teacher at the remarkable Reggio-inspired Cyert Center at Carnegie Mellon University. In this episode of the podcast, she clarifies and highlights the role of questions and materials in the culture of research that can live in the early childhood classroom and school. Barb's beautiful examples give us a window into the importance of listening to and learning from the child.

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