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Your number one source for Asian Action films and jokes about the perils of Hong Kong stuntmen!

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    The Cat


    The AAC crew take a trip through space and time via 1992's The Cat. One of the many "Wisely" films based on the writings of Hong Kong novelist Ni Kuang. Waise Lee stars as our hero 'Wisely' (naturally!) who befriends the mysterious Alien played by mega idol Gloria Yip. Are black cats bad luck? Can the 'aliens' find their way back home? Do dogs know kung fu? How many people die in this movie? Join us and find out!
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    High Risk/Meltdown


    Jet Li and Jackie Cheung turn up the heat in a High Risk game of cat and mouse with a devious mastermind, in a desperate move to avoid total Meltdown. Wong Jing’s 1995 blockbuster thinly veiled Die-Hard clone and Jackie Chan critique is pure octane!
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

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  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    The Street Fighter/Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken


    Takuma Tsurugi - a name of infamy that strikes both fear and spontaneous arousal in whoever he touches and leaves you wanting more. In honour of the enigmatic and irrepressable Shinichi Sonny Chiba we salute his memory. Forever preserved in Shigergiro Ozawa's 1974 masterpiece, The Street Fighter. Clash! Killer Fist!
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part 2 The Beginning


    We watch the Battousai rise become a legend of the Meji Restoration, fall in love, grow a Daikon, then fight a bunch of ninjas. The last movie in live action adaptations of Rurouni Kenshin it’s also a prequel, so a good place to start if you want to get into the series. Directed by Keishi Ōtomo and starring Takeru Satoh.
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    Double World


    This 2020 Teddy Chan directed fantasy flick stars Henry Lau and Peter Ho. A hero on an epic quest, with action and drama!
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    Heroes of the East


    Lau Kar Leung and Gordon Liu bring you this 1978 Shaw Brothers Classic...Heroes of the East. Some couple arguments can lead to broken crockery - but this couple's arguments leads to international battle of Shaolin vs. Ninja's!
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    Cyber Ninja/Mirai Ninja


    Japan's 1988 cult mega hit CYBER NINJA slashes his way into the Asian Action Cast. Not man, not machine, but all Ninja - it's what happens if Star Wars had a baby with Ninja Scroll and Power Rangers combined, but, like, 1000% better.
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    Eastern Condors/Dung fong tuk ying


    Sammo Hung's 1987 blockbuster vietnam war piece takes Hong Kong action to the jungles of Thailand. Starring almost every notable Yuen bro. (with only one notable exception); and, the late, great Killing Fields oscar winner Dr. Haing Samnang Nor himself.
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    Death Trance


    The whole crew watches the 2005 Japanese fantasy action film. The directorial debut of Yûji Shimomura, mostly known for action choreography and starring Tak Sakaguchi and the awesome hair of Kentaro Seagal.
  • Asian Action Cast podcast

    A Hero Never Dies/Chan sam ying hung


    Johnny To's 1998 triad ballad to downtrodden mob employees and the perils of having poor workers compensation entitlements. Starring a super charasmatic snakeskin wearing Sean Lau and ice cool Leon Lai, this is tragicomic bro-mance at its finest. It doesn't always hit where it aims but it will still maim you.

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