Anxiety Rx podcast

Anxiety Rx

Russell Kennedy

I am an anxious doctor. Or at least I WAS an anxious doctor. After literally decades of suffering from intractable anxiety, and seeing over 50 different types of healers I found my way to heal my anxiety through very unconventional (for a medical doctor at least) means. In 2013 I was so anxious I considered suicide and a friend suggested I try LSD, and although that scared the crap out of me it showed me the path to healing. You don't have to do LSD to heal, I took it for you! I'm a medical doctor, neuroscientist and intuitive. (I know, common combination!) I found my way out and it is counterintuitive and very non conventional (but not scary!). I will show you the way out too, you just have to listen to me, dammit!

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