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"Who's the Blonde from STRAY KIDS??" & VMA KPOP Winners|JUNGKOOKs Dorito Back Thirst Trap|NCT Nation Concert Flood|ROSE & TAYLOR SWIFT Collab?|BTS V on SUGAs TalkShow Suchwita|HYUNJIN Ponytail back!

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MTV Video Music Awards KPOP Artist winners & performances

Grumpy Cat LEEKNOW at VMAs

"Muggles" asking who are the blonde & ginger members of STRAY KIDS after seeing them for the first time on the VMAs

BLACKPINK ROSE spotted in New York exiting a studio with Taylor Swift

Chinese netizens attack LISA for her scheduled Crazy Horse Paris show

Flooding at the NCT Nation Concert

EPIK HIGHs TABLO is a KPOP album "collector fr"

The origin of KPOP Photocards in albums

BTS JUNGKOOK smoking in L.A. & Dorito shaped back thirst trap

V / TAEHYUNG solo MVs & albums release

V's interview on SUGA's talk show: Suchwita

STRAY KIDS new brand ambassadorship

BANGCHAN dyes his dying hair?!

After concert lives with HYUNJIN & other members

HAN & LINO flexing they have the most followers on Instagram among SKZ

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