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NEWJEANS 'Super Shy' is a Bop!|LISA & JENNIE Dating Updates|ZB1 Debut MV|Dance Challenges Bridging KPOP Generations: SHINEE TAEMIN x BTS JIMIN x SKZ HYUNJIN|(G)IDLE Performs Queencard at Wedding|

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NEWJEANS drops 2 banger MVs in 1 day: 'New Jeans' & 'Super Shy' (Joco is obsessed)

TWICE x NEWJEANS AI Cover of 'Super Shy'

TWICE finished North America Tour: lucky ONCE gets rained on with TWICE

MISAMO trailer teaser: MINA curves giving 50 Shade of Gray vibes


ENHYPEN x Pokemon MV drop: 'One & Only'

2NE1 DARA MV & solo debut 'Sandara Park': 'Festival'

NMIXX MV drop: 'Party O Clock' & 'Roller Coaster'

YG confirms BAYMONSTER to debut in September 2023

IVE x Pepsi collab song 'I Want' debut schedule

(G)I-DLE performs at their friend's wedding

BLACKPINK LISA dating rumors sparked with photos

JENNIE's IG posts nearly proves her & BTS V / TAEHYUNG are dating (She DGAF)

BTS JUNGKOOK solo MV scheduled 7/14/23

Dance Challenges: SHINEE TAEMIN w/ JIMIN & also HYUNJIN

STRAY KIDS HYUNJIN & CHANGBIN are ther resident dance challenge members

Free concert in Central Park featuring STRAY KIDS &.. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS?

STRAY KIDS BANGCHAN nerds out during fan call about One Piece

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