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NEWJEANS starstruck by IU|HYUNJIN Bias TROYE SIVAN|JUNGKOOK cries on Live: ARMYs Love Letter|TAEMIN English:"Everybodyone"|BTS V shows his "workout"|I-LAND 2 MNET with YG|JEON SOMI Comeback scheduled

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KCON albums giveaway: NMIXX Expergo & KEP1ER Lovestruck

NMET announces "I-LAND 2" with YG's THEBLACKLABEL

JEON SOMI EP comeback scheduled

Instagram is a FEARNOT?

LE SSERAFIM Leniverse: Members playing Horror Games

NEWJEANS predicted to join BLACKPINK's honor on Billboard 200

NEWJEANS on IU's show: 'Palette': They are literally Super Shy

SHINEE TAEMIN coins new English word: "Everybodyone"

BTS V TAEHYUNG shows off his "workout routine"

Ryan Gosling sends his love & guitar to JIMIN

JUNGKOOK calls out toxic people on his drunk Weverse Live

JUNGKOOK cries after watching 'ARMY's Love Letter'

STRAY KIDS HYUNJIN finally meets Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan gets a lot of love & hate bc of HYUNJIN

HYUNJIN becomes global ambassador for Versace

TWICE DAHYUN becomes global ambassador for Michael Kors

STRAY KIDS at Lollapalooza Paris

BANGCHAN talks about his natural curly hair

STAY Week July 26 to August 1

SKZ seasonal song will be a summer song: Party Is Not Over"

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