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IVE 1st WorldTour|STRAY KIDS car crash|JISOO actually cries? BLACKPINK Tour End|ITZY LIA Hiatus|BTS Renews! V recommends One Piece|Ex-NMIXX JINI Solo Announced|Singles Inferno Jinyoung crushes on SANA

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IVE 1st World Tour!

Ex-NMIXX member JINI announces 1st Solo Comeback

ITZY's LIA goes on hiatus for mental health

JIHYO releases English Ver for solo

JIHYO gets other TWICE members to do dance challenge

TWICE does a Filipino commercial for Oishi?!

TWICE 2023 Fan Meeting (The FOMO is real)

NAYEON controversy: borrowed 535.9 million won?

Single's Inferno Jinyoung/Dex crushes on SANA

BLACKPINK completes world tour: JISOO actually cried?!

LISA rejects YG's initial offer for contract renewal

LISA seen with her parents & Frederic Arnault

BTS V recommends ONE PIECE! (Yasss!)

HYBE announces BTS contract renewal!

TAE & JUNGKOOK Smoke Dance Challege: Still got it!

JUNGKOOK & 3RACHA head to New York

JYPE announces 3 STRAY KIDS members gets into accident

FELIX & HAN celebrates with birthday lives

STRAY KIDS Family returns!

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