Am I a Bad Therapist? podcast

Am I a Bad Therapist?

Am I a Bad Therapist?

Join us for stories from behind the closed therapy door. You’ll hear relatable experiences from other therapists, including bloopers, highlight reels, and other ridiculous moments that you thought you were the only one experiencing.

Each episode contains 50% inspiration, 50% storytelling, and 100% real humans and their journey in the mental health field.

With burnout running rampant, the last thing you need is another podcast that adds to your to-do list, so drop the notebook. This is a space with no experts, gurus, or hierarchies- just humans sitting in similar chairs.

We’re not the gatekeepers for good and bad therapy but we are here to shine a light on the difficult decisions therapists face on a daily basis - and normalize the mysterious gray area of clinical practice that no one wants to talk about.

New and seasoned therapists, graduate students, agency employees, private practice owners, and entrepreneurs - this one is for you.

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