Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast

Brandy Ferner

Based off her popular and darkly humorous Facebook page, blog and forthcoming novel of the same name, author Brandy Ferner takes her love of adult conversation to the air as she spears the injustices of modern parenting and continues her tradition of saying things out loud that others won’t. As a lover of truth and all things dark comedy, she and special guests partake in real talk about everything relating to motherhood – marriage post kids, birth, the never-ending micromanagement of screen time, sex, chronic-illness, Snoop Dogg, social issues, homeschooling, meditation, the revolt of the aging uterus, postpartum depletion, writing, the joke that is half-day kindergarten, and more. This is not a podcast with annoying parenting advice. Instead, Adult Conversation aims to break down the façade of “perfect” parenting with its balanced mix of wit, inappropriateness, compassion and validation, and can be considered a form of self-care, especially when listened to while locked in a bathroom alone. Or if your people will stage a full-on revolt at being separated from you, pop in some earbuds while folding laundry, wiping butts or waiting in the carpool line. Warning: this podcast can be inappropriate, just like parenting.

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  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Phases of Motherhood with Britta


    You don’t want to miss this episode where I share some BIG news, and my close friend and guest, Britta Bushnell, helps me process it all, as she talks about the Apollo and Artemis myth and the mind-blowing way it applies to my news, and also to motherhood. Britta and I discuss phases and seasons of life, why one part of ourselves is always starved in this culture, how to transition into beginnings and endings more intentionally, and more.   
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Feeling Other in Motherhood with Emily


    My guest, Emily, and I talk about parenting a special needs child - the real deal of it, not just the saintly “special needs mother” archetype that can only be endlessly patient. Emily shares about her early motherhood journey and how she knew something was different with her daughter, the endless searching for answers, the lifelong theme of “othering” she’s felt, and the elevated expectations, stress, and beauty that parents of special needs kids live with. We also discuss recurrent grief when milestones aren’t being hit, how she broke apart while trying to hold it all together, and she explains what “heterospect” is.   
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

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  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Pandemic Divorce with Tara


    There are lots of stats about pandemic divorce, but few personal stories because of the sensitivity of this topic. Lucky for us, fellow writer, Tara, opens up about her story and how it went down, the agreements she had about romance and soulmates, her insecurities about being a single mom, what’s getting her through it, other people’s opinions about her choice to write through her wounds, and more. 
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    I See Dead People with Tim


    My favorite medium of over 20 years, Tim Braun, shares how his gift felt like a curse as a child, a dream that changed his path, and responds to my question about if we can contact my favorite dead famous people! He also answers the very light question of what happens when we die (and he has specifics!), shares what happens when he watches Forensic Files, and divulges his most memorable sittings of the past 23 years (PG and R-rated). This episode is beyond interesting!
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs with Leslie


    Working mom advocate and researcher, Leslie Forde, and I talk about moms’ needs, the destabilizing effect of motherhood, the positive shifts she’s seeing in workplaces, the three things moms reported wanting most in the pandemic, and the “grabbing the crappy potato” theory, which you’ve likely experienced too. 
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    The Great Reckoning with Graeme


    Mom coach, Graeme Seabrook, and I discuss what I call “The Great Reckoning” that’s coming for us parents after the pandemic. We talk about what moms have lost most during the pandemic, unexpected side effects of returning to some normalcy, the summer ahead, and what Graeme sees coming up for moms after this wild year of emotional and logistical scrambling. And I also share a maddeningly relatable story about my teen and the violence that is wearing a belt. 
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Taking No Prisoners with Zawn


    Writer and feminist, Zawn Villines, drops lots of (uncomfortable) truth about gender inequality bullshit in marriage and parenting. We discuss the thing she heard in a mom’s group that shocked her, the kind of man who cannot be “fixed,” an equitable solution that isn’t just leaving your marriage, and innovative ideas about what we do about these inequalities for ourselves and our children. 
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Feminist Dad with Jordan


    Join me for this remarkable episode where a dude, author Jordan Shapiro, is doing the important work of fighting the patriarchy! Feminism is funny, apparently, because we laugh a lot as we talk about what he learned in the locker room that stayed with him as he grew into a man, the problematic narrative of men thinking they’re the hero of everyone’s story, subtle anti-feminist sentiments dads don’t realize they have, how they can shift their thinking which benefits everyone around them, and more.
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    Why I Take My Pill with Meredith


    Join me as my guest, Meredith of “Perfection Pending,” and I de-stigmatize mental illness, anxiety, depression, and taking medication for relief. We both share our very personal stories and also discuss the surprising ways anxiety shows up for each of us (which I didn’t even know until I was on the other side of things), along with the most successful ways we’ve gotten help. Meredith opens up about how her anxiety directly affected her mothering, and I offer my newfound mid-life hack that’s a game changer. 
  • Adult Conversation Parenting Podcast podcast

    The Realest Housewife with Braunwyn


    This interview might be one of my all time favorites as Braunwyn so openly shares her misgivings about being on the Real Housewives, along with the parts she absolutely loves. She also divulges her rock bottom moments and the hardest part of getting sober on TV, why coming out as a lesbian happened sooner than she’d wanted it to, how she’s co-creating an out-of-the-box partnership with her husband, Sean, and how kissing a costar cost her tens of thousands of dollars. This episode is full of realness you haven’t heard before.

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