ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

ACT:Root to Fruit

Marcel Tassara, PhD

Do you like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and feel like your keep missing the nail?

Want to:

- Get grounded in the foundation stones?

- See contingencies?

- Add context?

- Be a functional contextualist? (and know what that means)

This is a new podcast that seeks to excavate the roots of the contextual behavioral sciences, so that the fruit that us clinician deliver is as pristine as possible. It's a sequential experience that takes non-congenital behaviorists beyond the 6 core processes, and just saying "milk, milk, milk". Many of us that come to ACT/CBS don’t get past the razzle and dazzle...Well, walk with me on this quest and lets play with the boring that the razzle dazzle is built on.

- New episodes published weekly starting 7/20/2020

- Experiential work in (just about) every episode

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  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #30 Lisa Coyne


    Big number 30 with ACT and OCD ninja, Lisa Coyne, PhD. We discuss screen, how to value and shape valuing, OCD/ERP, and how to pivot when your bid to do exposure work is rejected. Check out Lisa’s New England Center for OCD and Anxiety for training and consultation: you are interested in group or individual consultation w/ me: marcel@marceltassara
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #29 Yash Bhambhani


    From start to finish, this interview with Yash Bhambhani, PhD, is a palpable demonstration of mindfulness in action. Yash is a psychologist at an addiction treatment clinic at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, assistant professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. We discuss (and embody) how to go about appreciating in therapy. contact info for Yash: yashnpbhambhani@gmail.com contact info:
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

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  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #28 Luisa Canon


    So happy to bring you Luisa Canon, PsyD, BCBA-D. We discuss her functional approach to therapy, the embodiment of the CBS approach, and learning to trust yourself as a clinician.She is available for consultation: am also available for consultation, both individual and group:
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #27 Steve Hayes- Part II


    Part II with Steve Hayes, PhD. We dive into thinking and conceptualizing functionally, psychological flexibility and health, the importance of history, and we get into a therapy demo around people pleasing. Steve's website: contact if interested in individual/group consultation: marcel@marceltassara.comReport of ACBS task force:, like, review
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #26 Steve Hayes- Part I


    The one and only Steve Hayes, PhD joins me to talk about how clinicians can get more precise with ACT by being more grounded in 4 areas: Behavioral principles, RFT, Evolutionary science principles, and Functional Contextualism.Steve's website: subscribe, like, reviewmy contact if interested in individual/group consultation:
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #25 Bartosz Kleszcz


    Excited to bring you Bartosz Kleszcz, a real mover and shaker within ACBS, whose values are on full display with the upcoming LAMIC conference he helped to create. This free 2-day conference features presenters from Low and Middle Income Countries, - May 16 & 23 2021, no registration required ( and discuss the conference, the utility of behavioral principles in helping us connect more with our clients, and how ROE can help clinicians thinking functionally.I also am available for individual and/or group consultation, currently am running FAP training groups for therapists as well -
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #24 Siri Ming


    Excited to bring you episode #24 with Siri Ming, BCBA-D. She humbly flexes her PhD in RFT as we discuss RFT concepts underpinning psychological flexibility. We also discuss her upcoming upcoming book on RFT for BCBAs. Her website: If interested in a training/consultation group, email me
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #23 Jennifer Kemp


    I'm joined by the marvelous Jennifer Kemp to discuss all things perfectionism. We discuss function over form, the utility of spotting the thread of perfectionism that sometimes connects many behaviors, and also get into a real play around these issues. We also discuss her soon to be published ACT workbook for perfectionism. I'll put a link once it is published. She is available for consultation: interested in a training group and/or consultation w/ me: marcel@marceltassara.comAlso of note:"Impressions" by John Coltrane"Satisfied" from the musical Hamilton
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #22 Kirk Strosahl


    So grateful to bring another of the roots of the contextual behavioral psychologies, one of the co-creators of ACT, Kirk Strosahl, PhD. Kirk is gifted with the ability to hit every note, gifting something to new comers to contextualism and dyed in the wool behaviorist in one fell swoop. We chop it up on mentalism, contextualism, and more. also available as audio only podcast: info: course: interested in a joining a training group email me at
  • ACT:Root to Fruit podcast

    #21 Matthew Skinta


    So grateful to bring you the powerhouse that is Dr. Matthew Skinta. He has a gift for making the functional lexicon less aversive. We chat it up re: tips to think functionally, tacting, and swim in a therapy demonstration.He is available for consultation: interested in a FAP consultation group email me at:

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