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From Poker to Options to Forex - Ft. Jason Graystone

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Jason Graystone, Host of Always Free and professional Forex trader joins Kyle to discuss how Jason’s poker background helped him when he made the switch to trading. He emphasizes the importance of having a strategic mindset, discipline, and a logical approach to trading while also talking about the challenges of maintaining confidence and consistency. Jason also shares some insights on the impact of a negative money mindset and we wrap up with a discussion on why he prefers trading currencies.

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About Jason:

Jason started his first business at 22 years old. Since then, he has built multimillion-dollar businesses online as well as the service sector. As well as a successful entrepreneur, Jason is a professional investor, speculator and angel investor.

His love for investing allowed him to become completely financially free by the time he was 30 years old. Jason has spoken on some of the world’s most reputable stages in the investing space as well as universities, schools, and for some large corporations including the MET police.

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