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City Slicker Economics w/ Eric Mason - Roundtable

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Editor’s note: Letting the AI handle the show notes today, it’s a pretty good indication of the wild ride you are about to embark on…

The conversation then shifts to a discussion on firefighters and prime rib. Eric Mason explains the process of selling bonds for fire apparatus and the bond trading process. The negotiation of bond rates is also discussed. The conversation then moves on to the topic of solar panels and tax-advantaged bonds. Issues with solar panel installations are also mentioned. The conversation covers various topics including the economic impact of companies, concerns about market control, chip diplomacy and Taiwan, Chinese labor costs and population decline, advancements in chip technology, quantum computing and processing power, information as the new oil, storing data for later, the environmental impact of electric cars, opinions on China, and ranching and farming. The conversation covers various topics including the environmental impact of cattle farming, the economic benefits of grass-fed cattle, the importance of treating the land well, the relationship between cattle and land quality, trading and work equipment, de-dollarization and the strength of the dollar, the euro and Germany's economic dominance, the fall of the ruble and Russia's economic situation, the tax loopholes in Ireland, the strength of the US dollar, and the impact of delta hedging on the market.

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About Eric:

Eric is a practicing labor economist, who currently works as a chief financial officer for the city of Quincy, Ma. His area of research focuses primarily on small business and macroeconomics trends. Eric has a special interest in historical economics, cliometrics and steers clear of ideological hardlines, preferring to use empirical analysis in his appearances. - Eric Mason's Website

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Mr. Banks:

Working as a commercial banker and trading on the side helped Mr. Banks develop his trading style into what it is today. As a banker, his main thought is: “What’s the worst that can happen and how can I mitigate that risk?” Taking that same thought process into trading has made him focus more on his trade setups. Trade with confidence, trade what the market gives and limit the unknown factors. 

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Bear made the transition from investing to trading at the beginning of COVID. After initial success with options, he quickly learned that his luck was greater than his skill and shifted his focus to futures. Bear has fully embraced the role of emotions and mental capital with the mindset that trading futures is purely an internal struggle that rewards patience, calm, bravery, focus, passion, and commitment. Beyond markets Bear finds joy in his community as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

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