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Aaron Rentfrew: Craft Your Mission

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In the studio this week is Aaron Rentfrew (Founder of to share his journey in trading and the challenges he faced along the way. He emphasizes the importance of finding a trading strategy that aligns with one's personality and risk tolerance. Aaron also discusses the role of emotions in trading and how sobriety has influenced his decision-making. He highlights the significance of having a well-defined trading plan and the need for patience in executing trades. Aaron emphasizes the need to understand the context of the market and not solely rely on indicators, before discussing the benefits of meditation and attentional control in trading. Aaron highlights the importance of discipline and accountability and suggests finding a life's mission to cultivate discipline.

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About Aaron:

After completing high school in 1999, Aaron began his trading journey influenced by his Uncle's excitement about the stock market, particularly in Rambus stock. Despite initial gains, setbacks occurred, but the fascination with markets persisted. Through continuous learning, failures, and perseverance, Aaron eventually excelled in stocks, ventured into options, faced challenges, and overcame mental obstacles. With the guidance of mentors and a reliable system, he found success in the futures market. Having coached diverse traders and realizing the recurring themes in his advice, Aaron transitioned to group coaching through Unbound Trading. His teachings emphasize discipline, structure, and aligning strategies with one's trading personality to conquer challenges and achieve proper risk management. Beyond trading, Aaron is an enthusiastic traveler and adventurer, exploring various cultures and cuisines worldwide over the past decade.


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