Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G

Ericsson North America

Where do we stand and where are we going in next generation mobile technology? Listen in as Ericsson’s Pamela Mallette engages in frank discussions with industry thought-leaders about the latest developments in 5G and what they mean for consumers, businesses, and society at large.

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  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    Mobile Network Transport Requirements for 5G


    With 5G technology moving out of the lab and into the marketplace, the transport network must evolve in alignment with the 5G radio access and core networks. Now is the time for those transport networks to come out of the shadows and into the limelight. Listen to Ericsson expert Shane McClelland outline the requirements for transport in a fast-moving and synchronized network evolution to 5G. Laurie Spiegel talks to Shane McClelland (VP of Strategy for Transport Solutions in North America) about the three 5G RAN drivers of transport transformation.For more information, visit
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    Make your network powerful: 5G Ready Core


    Pam talks to Peter Linder about considerations in making the mobile core network ready for 5G. While we can’t possibly envision the host of applications that will leverage 5G in the future, we must nevertheless make a basic design choice: evolve from what we have today, or prepare for a more dedicated 5G core. Peter Linder, Business Development Director for Digital Services at Ericsson in North America, speaks on a broad range of topics, most currently 5G, cloud and network functions. Follow Peter on our Networked Society blog ( more information, visit
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

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  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    The Business Potential for 5G in Industry Digitalization


    In this episode, we talk about the 5G revenue opportunity for operators that comes from industry digitalization. Our recent report showed that industry digitalization investments will generate an estimated USD 619 billion revenue opportunity for telecom operators by 2026, and operators can profit from up to an additional 36 percent revenue potential by 2026 from 5G-enabled market opportunities.Pam talks to Monika Byléhn, 5G Marketing Director at Ericsson about 5G enablement and the opportunities to apply this emerging technology to enhance the rollout of digitalization across 10 different industries. It’s about the industries that will lead in 5G, but additional considerations that operators should keep in mind for targeting specific industries are revealed.For more information, visit
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    Consider 5G fixed wireless access to transform your bottom line


    With the number of connected devices predicted to reach 29 billion in the next five to ten years, 5G-based fixed wireless access (5G-FWA) technology is drawing a lot of interest these days. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to fiber in the “last mile”, this next generation of millimeter wave fixed wireless technology may be the solution for you. In this episode, we’ll take a look at 5G-FWA as a path to better service and potential cost savings for operators.Anders Svensson, Principal Solution Manager for 5G at Ericsson, talks to Pam about how 5G fixed wireless access can provide an economic solution to meet broadband demand in suburban and urban homes and businesses while setting the foundation for a comprehensive fixed/mobile 5G network.For more information on 5G, visit
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    Are Operators Ready for 5G?


    The Ericsson 2017 5G Readiness Survey offers some expected—and some surprising—insights about what industry leaders are thinking about 5G strategy, key use cases and revenue opportunities. In this episode, Pam talks about the survey with Peter Linder, one of Ericsson’s most perceptive thinkers about 5G. Peter is an ideal guide to the 5G Readiness Survey so you can put it in perspective and apply its learnings to your own work.Pam Mallette, Head of Customer Engagement Marketing talks to Peter Linder, one of Ericsson’s most perceptive 5G thinkers, about Ericsson’s just-released 5G Readiness Survey ( ). This annual report explores operators’ progress on the road to 5G.For more information, visit or read Peter Linder’s blog at .
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    How Network Slicing Pays Off


    In this episode, we talk about the techno-economic case for network slicing based on a collaborative study from Ericsson and operator BT that serves 12 million homes and businesses in the UK. It’s the first public study of its kind to examine the economic impact of network slicing, how it will it affect revenue potential, operations and cost of deployment – including where operators should be investing and what they can do now to get their core network ready.Jan Häglund, Head of Architecture & Solutions at Ericsson, talks to Pam about a new study from Ericsson and BT ( that quantifies the benefits of network slicing for operators. For more information, visit
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    Boost Network Capacity while Getting Ready for 5G


    Ericsson’s research shows that by 2022, mobile data traffic will increase a whopping eight-fold. Mobile networks will serve 7.7 billion mobile broadband subscriptions and 1.5 billion cellular Internet of Things devices worldwide. In this episode, we talk about how using spectrum more efficiently will serve the growing bit/second/cell demand on networks today and in the era of 5G.Pam talks to Paul Challoner (VP Network Product Solutions for Ericsson North America) about getting ready for 5G -- boosting network capacity to meet growing demand by increasing spectral efficiency. For more information, visit
  • Ericsson: 15 Minutes with 5G podcast

    A Preview of Mobile World Congress Americas


    Pam gets a sneak preview of 5G innovations that will be on display at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017 ( from Keith Shank, Director of Events and Experiences for Ericsson North America.For more information, visit

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