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The Good Mood Show: Matt O'Neill

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The full spectrum of your humanity is beautiful. You get the highs, and the lows. Life is not meant to feel comfortable all of the time. In this episode, Simran and Matt discuss how to show up fully to each present moment. Be sure to listen to the exercise at the end of this episode. Matt implemented Simran’s five-minute ritual into his day and it made an immediate impact. Matt O'Neill is the CEO of Matt O'Neill Real Estate located in Charleston, SC. After years of operating his successful real estate company, he knew he was destined for more and wanted to make an impact on the world. That's when The Good Mood Show with Matt O'Neill podcast was founded. ( thegoodmoodshow.com ) Here are some power takeaways from the conversation: - Humanity is experiencing all of life’s emotions - Looking at every experience as your personal amusement park - Finding clarity to know when you’re meant to sit or act - How we’re trapped by the illusion of money - The three-breath exercise that can change your life. The Magic of Experiencing Humanity Humanity is the full experience, expression, and embodiment of everything that we are. Simran likens humanity to every color in the crayon box, from anger, depression, jealousy, sadness, and loss – to happiness, bliss, peace, understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love. However, most people only want the lighter spectrum in the crayon box and not the darker part. The Mastery of Your Environment The journey of the soul is not about being comfortable, but about mastering your environment. In order to do that, you have to clarify what is worth your time, what fulfills you, and what brings you joy and peace. Trust and Surrender We have to get away from this condition or idea that life has to look a certain way. Because it's very hard to live in a space of complete trust and surrender, and at the same time, trying to take control. Once we learn to surrender, we start to open to a greater power within ourselves.

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