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Summer Encore Series: Yoga of Relationships

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Summer Series: Moving through some of our favorite episodes over the years that still ring as timelesss and true. Relationships are the cause of our deepest pain and most ecstatic joy. Throughout life, they are at the root of our successes, failures and sorrows. What power we hand over to those who matter to us! Parents, teachers, friends, lovers and children seem to be at the core of why we feel so unfulfilled or dissatisfied. Often we don’t realize that career also forms one of our most significant partnerships, along with health issues and what stares back at us from the table: food, alcohol and drugs. How many of us can say we are succeeding in all or any of these areas of our lives? Doubtless, we remain troubled about why mother didn’t show us enough affection, teachers never acknowledged our efforts, lovers abandon us or children don’t behave as we expected. The puzzlement goes on and on, leading to stress and further distancing us from those we love, our career path and our personal state of well being.

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