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Life Mastery Signs: Todd Cudaback and Jackie Bailey

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“Synchronicity is what occurs when we are lined up exactly in the right moment at the right time; meaning we are in such a vertical alignment with source spirit and our presence, that everything happens to match up and work out.” Simran explains when we have those moments of synchronicity, it’s because we have gotten to a place where we are lined up with where we’re supposed to be. When we drop into the past or the future then all of a sudden we move out of synchronicity. Signs have a lot to do with it. They all lead us through these synchronistic moments. In essence it resides within all of us. It’s a matter of us tapping into that. Author of Six Keys to Life Mastery, Todd Alan Cudaback considers himself to be a modern day wizard inspired by metaphysics. Todd’s motto is “People of the Earth, can you hear me?”  Now, since the creation of Life Mastery Radio with Todd Alan in 2012, a few hundred-thousand people are listening. Todd understands his purpose in life is to serve his fellow mankind.

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