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BEING: 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose & Peace

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Are you seeking to serve the world in a way that fulfills your true purpose? Do you want to be an agent of change for yourself and your world? Are you ready to answer the call? We are at a point in time where the scales of universal justice are rebalancing elements of crisis, chaos, and dysfunction within our social systems and global structures. By becoming aware of our individual expressions of fear, obsession, and separation we have the opportunity to transcend the human condition, creating a greater good for all. Find that direction with Being, the second book in the Self-Realization series. By addressing the seven illusions of social conditioning (time, duality, money, hierarchy, identity, evolution, and war), Being engages the bold and courageous conversation that can move us from conformity to courage, from vice to virtue. Discover how embodying these seven keys of awakening and cultivating seven corresponding aspects of essence allows access to the natural divine expression that has always been available to us. The world needs you now, in the most courageous, yet vulnerable, way. Answer the call of your soul ... and that of the world soul.

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