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Adventures In Consciousness: Jennifer Evanko

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A deep dive into consciousness through the doorway of our humanity. An exploration of selves, layer, rhythms and cycles. Let the conversation deepen inside of you and open yourself to living, being and knowing in a brand new way. Listen to the end and receive the gift of an original song from Simran. Peace and Love always...     As you venture deeper into self… you may also find that those who travel with you become less and less for a period. As you are changing, the world is mirroring and morphing your changes. Let those who must go, go. And trust, those who you will come to know are aligned and mirroring the places you have reached. The world is an incredible barometer for personal growth. But do not take the world at face or surface value; true mirrors are deeply subtle in nature. This requires the practice of discernment by the higher mind; because the ego will always tell you what you want to hear. We live in a world that’s based on images of what we believe society will approve of. But freedom comes when willing to tell ourselves and others the ‘truth’ of what we came to believe out of innocence, the ‘Truth’ of what we had to live through because of that projection and conditioning… and the ‘TRUTH’ that comes from letting go of any fixed notion of identity to be able to celebrate the full gamut of experience. Are you willing to dig deep and tell yourself the ‘truth’, the ‘Truth’, and the undeniable absolute divine ‘TRUTH’? ?? LIVING on Amazon — https://amzn.to/3KNixe6 ?? LIVING at B & N — https://bit.ly/BN-LIVING ?? Order BEING on Amazon — https://amzn.to/38ZSD91 ?? Order BEING at B & N — https://bit.ly/BN-BEING ?? Order KNOWING on Amazon — https://amzn.to/3Fmx5jA ?? Order KNOWING at B & N — https://bit.ly/3W326iZ ?????? ?? Autographed copies ?? of the trilogy: LIVING, BEING, and KNOWING — PLUS 2?? bonus CDS: https://www.iamsimran.com/product/self-realization-series/

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