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1 Indie Nation Episode 132 Back That Bass UP!

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Greetings my lover bunnies. Hope you been staying warm. I know I was craving some cookies and hot cocoa tonight. lol. I need instacart now! jk its late o'clock or should I say early...  Love you for sticking around and listening and supporting the show. This next mix is from DJ Zack Hill from Vinyltribe.com out of LA now Orlando. Find him at soundcloud.com/zackhill and @mrzackhill

There is no tracklisting for this DRUM AND BASS mix.

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    1 Indie Nation Episode 142 Baby Snacks vol 1


    Greetings love bunnies! Thank you for listening to my podcast. I am grateful for all my bunnies near and far. Here is an artist submitted episode 142. Hip Hop, RNB and House tracks. Plus one of my fave house tracks for all seasons. Tracklist: DJ JS1 & Wes - Stratagem featuring OC B MORGAN - Bank James Curd - Forever my friend Alicia Meyers - I want to thank you love you! my bday is next week if you would like to donate you can at venmo @rachaeldepp or $cashapp $rachaeldepp and I have paypal as well. Message me for that. Artists please email me 1indienation at gmail dot com to get your music on my show. I do listen to all the tracks. send me the files I don't like going onto spotify. have a happy holiday season. You are in my prayers xo Rachael Depp
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 141 Love Liberates


    Greetings fall bouncy bunnies! Here is a hip hop, soul, rnb, chill, downtempo mix by DJ Sloe Poke // LA. @djsloepoke Mixcloud.com/djsloepoke.  No tracklisting.  PLAY ROYAL MATCH app and get broke playing the game. LOL. its fun tho.  Wake up in the morning and do something good for you. take that time to do self care. Good for your health, mind, body and soul. Sometimes it just cleaning up your room and lighting candles to clear the vibes. So you can work or relax in peace. Clutter is not good. Time to clean out those closets and drawers of stuff you don't use anymore. I know I am ready to get rid of stuff. It's way over due. Peace and love,  Rachael Depp xoxo Venmo @rachaeldepp
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 140 Illuminate


    Greetings love bunnies! Happy Fall. Autumn is here! Yay. Let's cuddle and listen to some lovely house music while we sip hot cocoa or pumpkin spice lattes. Here is a deep house mix by DJ Zack Hill. He is from Vinyl Tribe. Doing his thing. Check him out on soundcloud.com/zackhill or @mrzackhill on twitter, instagram. No tracklisting. ENJOY! Thank you for listening and subscribing to my podcast. I appreciate all your time and support. Feel free to donate to my podcast. Venmo @rachaeldepp and DM me for paypal. If you have a submission please email me at 1indienation at gmail dot com Thank you. love you xo Rachael Depp
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 139 14th Year Anniversary!


    Greetings! Love bunnies its my 14th year anniversary! So I am celebrating tonight by making a playlist of indie, rock, and alternative.. I hope you enjoy. Played some new and old. Summer is almost coming to an end. But not soon enough. Though I love these summer nights that are a bit chilly now. No tracklisting. if you really like the track I will try and see which one I played if you ask nicely. ;) Feel free to donate to the podcast to my venmo. @rachaeldepp thanks a bunch bunnies. Thank you for taking the time out of your day or night or twilight to listen and be productive, drive, or just be a lazy bum and vege out to my tunes. I love you all. unconditionally. New or old, my subscribers are the best. You all are worthy of hearing GOOD MUSIC. I may not always record on time or but you are always on my mind. Seriously. I remember my listeners through out the years and appreciate any feedback and support you may have given me. This podcast is my rock. Keeps me grounded... and the music is a celebration of life. And everyday is a celebration. Love Always, Rachael Depp xoxo
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 138 In The Cut


    Greetings summer love bunnies! Hope you are enjoying this summer heat! I know I am not. I am ready for fall and winter. My favorite seasons of the year. I need to move to a cooler climate. I don't know how much longer I can take this sweltering heat. Anyways! I hope you enjoy this HIP HOP mix by DJ Excel from PHILLY to LA. Skatch Makaniks Crew.  No Tracklisting. Gritty, Grimey Hip Hop for you! Please follow me on instagram @1indienation Twitter.com/rachael Venmo - @rachaeldepp Donate to your fave podcaster :) xo Love you mucho,  Rachael Depp xo
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 137 Lockdown Gratitude


    Hi Greetings from LA! Welcome back to my show! Tonights episode is featuring an exclusive mix from Oakland's very own THE BIG LA aka Todd  Kelley. He has been a guest on my show numerous times. He plays beats, soul and hip hop and whatever he feels at the moment in this mix. THE BIG LA is a Media Designer. Video Editor. Motion Graphics Specialist. Boom Bap Producer. Syndicated DJ. Script & Fiction Writer. All those things, Bro. You can find him on twitter, @toddkelley. https://www.liinks.co/toddkelley Tracklisting: Cookie Jar – The Hype Sa Roc – Forever Kallitechnis – Time Keem The Cipher – Alpha Ravyn Lenae – The Night Song Clear Soul Forces – Hit Me Now Dj Gumba + Erick Sermon – Chill Freestyle 2019 Shuko – Autumn 96 Barney Artist – Return Of The Real Timt – Let Me Luv U John Robinson – Executive Stats Masta Ace Marco Polo - Breukelen Brooklyn Feat Smif N Wessun Berhana – Wildin Ian Ewing – Luvnyou Tim Atlas – Color World Leven Kali – Smile Miraa May – Make Room Joy Crookes – Bad Feeling Dusty Ohms – Glass Of Algarve Sun J Robb – Bentley Truck   Donate to the 1 Indie Nation podcast to show your support and download and buy the tracks from the artists you enjoyed. @rachaeldepp Venmo $rachaeldepp cashapp Love you all so much xo Rachael Depp
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 136 Love from Paris part 2


    Greetings French lover bunnies! Here is a French artists mix by @KDFA from Paris, France. This mixtape is in French except when I am talking and the intro. I hope you enjoy. Big shout out to KDFA, Aloha Widy, Dave Mora, Allan Landis and DJ- JS1 and Rahzel.  Have a lovely spring. I hope it brings more rain! We need it. Thank you for tuning in and subscribing. Please rate my show if you have time and leave a comment in the Music store. No tracklisting.! Love and Peace, Rachael Depp xox
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 135 LA has me Hypnotized Part 2


    Greetings Spring bunnies! Thanks for listening to my show! Tonight I have some more neo soul and oldies songs for you. Chill out to the max. Slow dance with your loved ones or friends. And don't forget to pour out a lil for the homies. RIP. NO TRACKLISTING. Email me for name of track. Venmo - @rachaeldepp CASH APP $rachaeldepp Thankyou for your time and love you all very much. Rachael Depp xo
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 134 Apricots in Spring


    Greetings lover Spring Bunnies! Thank you for listening and subscribing to my podcast! Here is a house music mix I curated tonight, just for you! I hope you enjoy. I will upload tracklist later. As I am losing my bunny mojo juice.... I need to recharge. Let me know if you enjoy the mix. Rate me in the Apple Podcasts store. Follow me on instagram @1indienation and on Twitter @rachael. Love you, Rachael Depp xoxo
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    1 Indie Nation Episode 133 I love Deep House part 1 and 2


    Greetings! Thanks for standing by me. All this love during February means a lot. I have a wonderful Deep House mix by @Udiproduction out of NEW YORK CITY. Don't sleep more to come by him. 1. Intro-0:19 2. Visions -3:31 Gregory Del Piero FT Billy Love 3. Wonderful Things-4:24 Timmy Dee 4. Caught Up-5:10 Intense Soul 5. You Got Me-3:35 Fusion FT Wallace Gary 6. Must Be The Music-Harley & Muscle 7. Born To Fly-3:20 Lisa Shaw 8. Her First Time By-4:36 Shifty Johnson & Terry Swift 9. Still In Luv With You (Part 1)-4:18 J. Haystax 10. Shame-4:25 Mark Grant FT Swalyo 11. Salsa House-3:54 Soul Purpose 12. Can't Get Away-4:11 Mood 2 Swing 13. I Can't Stop-3:30 Sandy Rivera 14. The Turkish-4:22 DJ Marky 15. I Remember 3:45 Deadmau5 + Kaskade 16. Life Story-3:49 Leviticus 17. Helpless--3:55 Decaff FT Roland Clark 18. A Better Way-3:39 Darryl D'Bonneau 19. I Am-2:46 Lina 20. Je' Ne' Veux plus Etre-3:29 Hanna Hais 21. Poulets Paradise-2:19 Cross Bronx Expressway 22. Sume Sigh Say-4:12 Masters At Work 23. Dat Rowdy Shit-4:40 Bucket Beetleg 24. El Carnaval-2:27 AV8 25. El Canto-4:14 DJ Lucho 26. No More Sun-3:50 Kerri Chandler 27. Soul Chu Cha-4:56 Rosabel 28. Forever And A Day-3:59 Mena Keys FT Frankie Estevez & Tabia 29. Church Lady-4:56 Dennis Ferrer 30. Need You Now-4:10 Soul Central 31. Baby Gets High-3:13 Soul Creation 32. No More Love-3:10 Carla Prather 33. Simple Life-3:48 Vibe Travelers 34. It Must Be Life-4:27 Lyfe Jennings 35.Tranz-4:45 Masters At Work 36. What You Gonna Do About It-3:14 Behind The Groove FT Carla Prather 37. Come Into My Life-4:58 Mena Keys 38. What Is House Music-9:11 Stavey Mallory   Total Time:2:31:12   add me on instagram @1indienation support the show via venmo @rachaeldepp Each donation no matter how small or big is deeply appreciated. LOVE YOU :) xo Rachael Depp

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