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Ilana Muhlstein

ILANA MUHLSTEIN, M.S., R.D.N. is one of the most sought-after weight-loss experts in the world. She has a thriving private practice in Beverly Hills, is an acclaimed public speaker and influencer, published author, She teamed up with Beach Body LLC, to create 2B Mindset the breakthrough weight-loss program that has over 240,000 participants. Now, come join Ilana Muhlstein M.S, R.D, as she reads and discusses chapters of her new book- "You Can Drop It!" with her favorite friends, role models, and colleagues. Support this podcast:

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  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    Postpartum Weight Loss Update


    In this episode Ilana is live streaming on Instagram and taking Q&A's with some updates on her postpartum weight loss journey.  - What meals I’ve been eating - How I get happy - Why I’m not seeing new clients this month - Am I vegan? - What snacks I’ve been having - Coffee and coffee creamer - Favorite dietitians which I went blank with pregnancy brain over for a second Also don't forget Ilana is will be personally participating in the next upcoming DietBet which begins Monday October 18th.  Looking for a Holiday Gift that you can count on or just something to treat yourself with?? Back by popular demand Ilana's Nutrition Babe Box is back for a limited time. Use CODE: nutrition- to receive $30 OFF this value packed box. Click Here to order now!  Cheers! Ilana Muhlstein M.S., R.D.N --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    You Can Drop It- Dietbet Live Q&A July 28th 2021


    On this episodes Ilana is doing a live Q&A for her exclusive Dietbet Group. See the top questions, below that were asked within the dietbet group. It's not to late to sign up for Ilana's Dietbet Game Click Here for more information  Dietbet Q&A July 28th 2021 Top Questions. How can you stay motivated when you’re doing the right things but the scale isn’t moving? If the scale isn’t moving, what should I adjust first? How do I read back in my tracker and interpret it? In other words, how do I pinpoint exactly what worked or didn’t work the day or few days prior? Let’s talk water — if circumstances cause me to start drinking my water later in the day, should I still aim for my daily ounces, or just focus on what I would normally drink? If I still have 60 ounces to go at 6 PM, is it still beneficial to drink it all? How do you do it all? I mean I'm sure you have your downtime and it's your mindset. Your just so inspiring; you're pregnant, have two kids and a husband you make time for, running a business, posting videos, replying to followers, you always look put together even the days without your glam squad, and you make time to cook and create recipes and workout. Not trying to sound like a freaky fan girl :joy: I just have a hard time managing my time enough to keep the house in order, my three year old entertained, and eat right among other things. Thank you HI! So you have said, “you can lose it just as fast as you can it” but I never once have been able to do that whether it’s been a random weight gain, I knew I over indulged, or I followed the 3 rules when out or at a social gathering but still had a gain day. And never once has it taken me one day to lose it. Usually it takes me 4 days. What advice do you have? When I try and “lose it as fast” I immediately follow the bunnies and plate my meals exactly how 2B mindset is setup to! Feels so discouraging and frustrating like I’m doing something wrong. Would love period tips, always bloating and retaining at that time of the month. cravings tend to be stronger too! --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

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  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    Coffee Time and IG Live


    Ilana is taking questions live from a coffee shop in Montecito, CA off her Instagram. She get's some great questions, everything from feeling deprived at dinner while following 2B Mindset, to her upcoming Dietbet and lastly, which Beachbody programs she most looking forward to post pregnancy.  For more information about Ilana's Weight Loss accountability group Click Here. She will be giving away a Nutrition Babe™ Box to one lucky winner. Valued at $300.  Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    You Can Drop It! Pre- Recorded Conversation with Shaun T


    In this episode- Ilana sits down and talk with one of Beachbody's most inspiring trainers Shaun T, as they talk about his new program, Let's Get Up! Join me in my next Dietbet starting in September 07 2021- Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals.  --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    Weight Loss Dilemma (5 Minute Podcast)


    Hey guys- Ilana is back with another bite size episode you don’t want to miss out on. Lately she’s been following up with some client who have had great results with their weight loss, but they are experiencing negative peer pressure from family and friends- for instance someone’s telling them they are getting too skinny- hang on and listen how Ilana combats this dilemma. If you found this helpful! Please leave us a comment. Ilana is starting another weight loss accountability group (Dietbet) on July 12th 2021. To sign up Click Here.  --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    Your Summer as a Nutrition Babe™


    So excited to share with you all the behind the scenes and thought process behind the Nutrition Babe Box and experience! I think my passion and excitement for each of these items is quite clear!!! And I can't wait to see what you end up loving and using the most. Grab yours now at To buy Azuna Separately- Use the link below CODE: Ilana25 to get 25% your purchase.  For more nutpods flavors check CODE: NUTRITIONBABE 15% off first purchase For custom tank sizes, you can email after you've purchased :)  --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    You Can Drop It! MTV's "Fat Camp" w/ Anne McDaniels


    Here is a great episode the wonderful Anne McDaniels  as we discuss my weight loss journey from MTV's "Fat Camp" to thriving businesses with R.D. Ilana Muhlstein. Don't forget I am hosting another accountability dietbet starting April 6th 2021. For more information Click Here.  --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    Your Answers to Gut Health


    On this episode get your answers to your burning questions on gut health from internationally renowned gut health expert Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD, APD).  Ilana asked about topics like best sweeteners, how your diet can benefit mental health, how much of gut health is nature vs. nurture, best supplements to take, and simple tips for boosting your personal gut health status.  If this podcast brings you value, please rate, share and subscribe. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    Happy Wednesday Q&A


    Todays episode was cut from a Q&A she did on her IGTV where she covers: reframing thoughts on emotional eating.  suggestions for coffee creamers.    what to do if your family has temptations around the house.  how to deal with frustrations with the scale.  Hope you enjoy! Please like and share with your friends and let us know what you think of the podcast.  --- Support this podcast:
  • You Can Drop It! podcast

    You Can Drop It! LIVE on IG- Who Lost 13 Pounds??


    On this episode Ilana is talking to her audience on IG Live. She finds out one of her participant from her accountability group lost 13 pounds since January 1 2021! Plus Ilana talks about how you DON'T need to be doing her 2B Mindset Program to join her next DietBet- starting Monday February 1st 2021. For more information about signing up check out Hope you enjoy!  --- Support this podcast:

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