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Phil Spencer Shares News | Xbox Exclusives Delayed | New Studios Unreal Engine 5 Xbox News Cast 35

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Join Special Guest Dealer_Gaming to discuss Phil Spencer's Xbox sales & Xbox Exclusives Delayed and all-new Studio for Unreal Engine 5 for Episode 35 of Xbox News Cast Podcast

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0:00:00 Intro 0:08:00 Xbox highest Console sales ever 1 year 0:21:00 Stalker 2 delayed April to August 0:28:00 Dying Light 2 500 hours 0:36:00 Age of Empires coming to Xbox (Insider Hub) 0:42:00 Undead Labs State of SOD3 0:54:00 Days Gone Failed 1:10:00 Xbox VR? 1:15:00 No E3! 1:45:00 Ubisoft+ 2:00:00 Outro Topics Covered on the Colteastwood Channel: Microsoft Sony Xbox One Xbox One X Xbox Two Xbox Scarlett Xbox Project Scarlett Xbox 2 Next Generation Consoles Playstation PS4 PS5 Playstation 5 Exclusive Games Console Exclusives xCloud Project xCloud Xbox Game Pass Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Xbox games Playstation Games Xbox Lockhart Xbox Anaconda Danta Xbox Consoles Game Streaming Cloud Streaming Zen 2 Zen 2+ Navi GPU SSD Next Gen Consoles Xbox One S Xbox Live Xbox Live Gold Xbox Rewards Microsoft Rewards E3 E3 2019 E3 2020 X019 Xbox Leaks Rumor News Gears Halo Fable IV Forza Horizon Motorsports Halo Infinite Playstation Now PSNow Phil Spencer Xbox Game Studios Exclusives PS Now PSNow Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Playstation 5 PS5

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