Writing Poetry - Audio podcast

Writing Poetry - Audio

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Poetry is a delicate and intricate art form, practised by many people but rarely mastered. In this album, poets Jackie Kay, Paul Muldoon, W.N. Herbert and Jean Breeze talk about their respective approaches and attitudes to poetry. They explore many aspects of their craft, from the initial spark of inspiration and rewriting to more technical matters such as rhyme, using real speech and narrative poetry. This material forms part of the course A175, Writing poetry.

4 Episodes

  • Writing Poetry - Audio podcast

    The Purpose of Poetry


    Poets Jackie Kay and W.N. Herbert talk about the importance and function of poetry, and read some of their own work to demonstrate their thoughts.
  • Writing Poetry - Audio podcast

    Getting Started


    Joined by Paul Muldoon, the poets take a look at methods of being inspired, the purpose of meaning in poetry and the importance of reading contemporary poetry.
  • Writing Poetry - Audio podcast

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  • Writing Poetry - Audio podcast

    Personal Poetry


    In this track, authors talk about the way in which their own lives inform and inspire their poetry, and the way in which personal details can be changed or highlighted in order to produce dramatic poetry.
  • Writing Poetry - Audio podcast

    Rhyme and Speech


    Rhyme is an intrinsic aspect of poetry, but is it wholly necessary? Paul Muldoon and Jackie Kay talk to about where – and where not – to use rhyme, and the intrinsic rhythm patterns in everyday speech.

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