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Write Your Last Chapter

Dr. Faryal Michaud

If every life is a book, then the last chapter matters. As a palliative care doctor, I want you to live your best life, every single day, whether or not you are faced with a serious illness. I want us to live an intentional life, one that allows us to live our bucket list and enjoy every minute as tomorrow is never guaranteed. In this podcast I want to share my skills and stories to help us focus on what matters the most and learn to be empowered to live a life on purpose. Join me to be inspired by simple joys of daily living as well as learn how to ask the right questions when faced with difficult decisions in life.

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  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "After Your Why: Here's the HOW"


    We all need help. No matter what your mission in life is, we can all get better at things we don't know much about. Even the best of the best athletes have their own coaches. Creating a vision and then learning how to make it a reality requires some outside help. In this week's special BONUS episode, meet my outside help. Bobby Klinck is a breath of fresh air: A Harvard Lawyer turned into a coach for online business, you would love his story. He has been my personal Marketing and Business Coach and he has a heart of gold. He is going to have a special event in early December and his early bird to sign up ends on October 21st. You may still sign up but to get the special bonuses, the time to sign up is now. Here's the link to sign up https://members.bobbyklinck.com/~access/a46c10731f
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Repairing The World"


    One of my favorite learnings I have picked up by having Jewish friends is the concept of Tikkun Olam. I am sure many other religions and belief systems have a similar teaching. It is the idea that we were born to not simply go through life. We were born with an intention to "Repair This World". If you were to look at your life like that, what would be your purpose? How would YOU repair this world? We often refer to this as our "WHY". There is so much confusion about what our why needs to be. I am offering this podcast as an extension of what I teach to my clients when we discuss how we go about finding a deeper meaning and purpose for our lives. Feel free to reach out to me at www.drfaryal.com with any questions you may have. 
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

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  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "What is Essential?"


    If you could only focus on what matters, what would that be? Do you even know? Sometimes we don't know because the outside noise is too loud. Remember getting interrupted in the middle of dinner by a telemarketer when we had landlines? Now that we don't have landlines, what interrupts your peace of mind? Could it be the constant uninvited but ever present social media? For the month of October, I have given up social media for a Digital Detox. I think that I may stick with it long term. Tune in to learn more. Reach out to me at Http://www.drfaryal.com 
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Unconditional Love"


    This week's episode is a very special one. When you think about grief and loss, are you thinking human loss? Have you ever lost a pet? Do you know someone who has lost a pet? How did it feel? We are just as speechless when a loved pet dies, but I think it's even harder to find the words. Sometimes, what we say is wrong. Join my dear guest Dr. Pegah Mehdizadeh as she mourns the loss of her precious Pashmak and Bijou. To learn more about resources to help with the loss of a pet, please visit:  www.rainbrowbridge.com 
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Shara's Search For Meaning"


    We all have a story. How we get to tell those stories matter. Shara Turner is a tremendous human being who has set herself up to make impactful changes in lives of those touched by Trauma. How we see addiction will in turn lead to how we interact with those who suffer with addiction. Join me in this in depth discussion about how addiction is surviving in its most primitive way. Shara's interview will touch you deeply and I hope you will share it with those who could use this message. 
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Bending not Breaking"


    In the year 2020, 42% of physicians reported feeling burnt out. Roughly one physician dies every day by suicide which is double the rate of general population. There is help. Sometimes we need to reach out, sometimes we need to reflect, be mindful, and help ourselves become more resilient. Sometimes we need to live a more aligned life with our values and purpose. Sometimes we need to focus on a greater good which helps us get a different perspective on life altogether. My "Living Intentionally" Coaching and mindfulness program sets the stage to help you get there. Learn more at www.drfaryal.com. In this week's podcast, I'll talk about what it means to move from one stage of life to another and focus on living a purpose driven life to help us bend and not break. What does it mean to focus less on success and more on living a valued aligned life? If you are having suicidal thoughts: Ask for help. 1.800.273.8255.
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Say Goodbye to Good Intentions"


    We all know what we have to do to get to what we want in life. The question is: Why don't we? As a palliative care physician I see quite a bit of regret at the end of life. I am here as a quick warning shot for you. There is still time. You get to show up in your life the way you have always wanted to... If, you agree to be ready to fail. If, you can manage your mind around being ok for things not to turn out the way you were planning. Can you do it? Join me for my free webinar www.drfaryal.com/intentions 
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Cheryl's Only Regret"


    Where do we get our compassion from? Where does it come from? This week I have a great friend and a wonderful nurse to tell us just that. Cheryl Nicponski is a Doctor's Nurse. That's a term I coined everytime I worked with a nurse who could have just as well been a doctor. She is bright, compassionate and a fierce advocate for all sorts of equality. It is my pleasure to have you listen to her story and learn how she gets be who she is and she keeps going. You will really enjoy listening to her.
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "In a Wetsuit Under an Umbrella"


    How do you live your life? Did you know that no matter what kind of hand life deals you, you get to decide? You can be travelling to a tropical island to go diving and be caught in torrential rain. You get to love it. My guest this week is a Radiation Oncologist and a cancer survivor life coach. Not only does she live her life intentionally every single day, she also gets to hold space for all who struggle to live a full life after being diagnosed with cancer. It may not be easy, but she is equipped to make that happen. She is also mother to 4 boys. Tragically since this episode was recorded, she lost her youngest boy to an accident. Her 13 year old son Miles, had a chance to continue living by being an organ donor to very special patients. If you like to contribute to Mile's memory, you may do so at http://princetonfriendsschool.org/support-pfs/miles-brackin-memorial-fund
  • Write Your Last Chapter podcast

    "Here We Go Again"


    Compassion Fatigue. It means we are tired of caring. We can no longer give since we have been giving so long. The hospitals are full. There are no more ICU beds. Some hospitals are even turning away unvaccinated people. In this episode, I share some of my ways to manage our mind in these trying times. We can continue to love and care for unvaccinated people. They have done nothing wrong. Please take a listen. 

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