Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

Working Interferences Dental Podcast

Lance Timmerman DMD Joshua Austin DDS

A dental podcast for the AVERAGE dentist. No question is too controversial for Joshua Austin DDS and Lance Timmerman DMD. Questions are NOT "best bonding agent" or "best impression material." You know, like "can I harm my assistant for being annoying?", or "how much oral sex is too much after gum grafts?" or even, "Will my DNA be altered by getting a bone graft from cadaver bone?" The information that ALL dentists need. Where we coined the term "Bukkake Honor Circle"

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  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 198: Daddy Zuck


     Did you know that weird cyborg reptilian Mark Zuckerberg has a dad?  And that dad is a dentist?  And he spoke along side Josh at a recent meeting?  And he wears sunglasses inside?  We didn’t either.  Strange man.    Clint Timmerman joins us to dunk on Daddy Suck, followed by a power ranking of Jell-o Flavors.  How about chocolate gelatin?  Yumm?    Could someone on reddit have Leprosy?  Of course they could.    Stay fresh!          
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 197: Patients Should Shoot Their Shot


    How busy is too busy?  How much travel is too much?  Is going to Ohio globetrotting?  All this and more on tonight’s 60 Minutes.    Should a patient ask a dentist out?  Of course she should.  Shooters shoot.  Now get after it, Larry Bird.  Hopefully she looks like Larry Bird.  Rawr.    How about being ambidextrous in dentistry?  Would it be better to be ambidextrous or amphibious?  You make the call.    Peace.  Fresh.  Bags. 
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

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  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 196: Scolding Pie


    The boys are back from Europe!!!  Do you care about any of this?  Probably not.  But you get to listen to 40 minutes of stories anyway.  Enjoy!  What about a pie burn?  What kind of pie?  Fruit pie?  Cream pie?  Hair pie?  Scolding pie! Stay fresh, frommages!    
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 195: She Shed the $#IT Flavored Night Guard


    YAPI brings back the She Shed episode.  Is it Chichier? This classic episode starts off with "ads suck", a podcast within a podcast where Josh bitches about ads.  Clearly therapy is working.   Question 1, limits to staff benefits.  Bigger staff get bigger benefits? Even in times of Covid?   Question 2, dental school notes.  Keep them after graduation?  Try Legacy box.....   Reddit is about bird shit on a night guard.  Tastes great, less filling....  
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 194: Edible Underwear Redux


    In this CLASSIC episode (says Gina) Josh shares the story of losing his wallet in Europe (foreshadowing his IDS trip?).     Advice is about hickies on staph members.  Lance and Josh STILL have no experience here...   Josh shares how to get rid of a dick of a patient.  Bookmark this one.   Finally, "raincoats" in a pedo office.
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 193: Fancy Like Trailer Trash


    FOOTBALL IS BACK….and so is REMEMBERING SOME GUYS!  All your favorites are here.  Christian Okoye.  Jeff Hostetler, Kevin Mack.  All guys.  All remembered.    Did you know that commercials madden Josh?  Especially ones with shitty songs about taking your significant other on a date to Applebee's.  Have some self respect, ladies.  Please do not let men get away with this.    Advice is a listener question about an associate who is always late.  Lets steal his kidney.  Wait a second…that’s Lance’s answer to EVERYTHING.    Keep it fancy like…
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 192: Spirograph of S#!T


    Josh is back this week, but comes back impressed with Gina’s performance as co-host.  How crazy of a trip to California can Josh create?  Hold his beer and find out.  Should “red eye” flights include weed?  We think yes!      Advice starts this week with a  question from one of our hosts.  Should he take it personally?  Always.  Is he terrible?  Of course.  Spiral away, Goode!    Should a dentist live in his office?  Only if they want every patient to know where they take a dump and rub one out.  And what do you do about Sunday emergencies?  Take one in the rear, that’s what.    Peace out.  Don’t slit your wrists after hearing this weeks song. 
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 191: Plan B Host


    What happens when one of us is not down to clown?  You call in for backup.  The queen, Gina Dorfman, carves out a moment to chat with Lance about all sorts of privileged nonsense....   First question is about scheduling crowns back to back.  Is it so stressful for your assistant that you should avoid back to back in the schedule?  Don't hurt your assistant's feelings, you might not be able to find a replacement!   Is a boba tea combined with a dental office a good, fun, and creative business model?  Are you high?   Second question is about tardy staff.  At least Lance is consistent....   Reddit this week asks what 3 stressors make dentists want to pull their hair out.  What if you are bald?  
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 190: Dixar Kid’s Movies


    WI is back, just like this COVID glow up…annoying and preventable.    Is there anything better than a couple nights of fine dining in NYC?  Mmmm!  Sbarro!    Advice starts with a question from a Chiropractor listener!  Ring a ding ding!  Let’s kill some patients with 1980’s action movie  kill moves.    Why do dental offices tell lunch to fuck off?  Straight cash homie.  Don’t you wanna make bonus?    Is Coldplay good?  What do you think Gwyneth Paltrow/s vagina candle smells like?  Does Chris Martin know.  What about Cathy from the comic strip?  Ack!  
  • Working Interferences Dental Podcast podcast

    Episode 189: Dental Whores


    What do you do if a practice sale falls thru, but the staff quits ANYWAY?  There’s no crying in the dental office….. WI have decided that we have a price for EVERYTHING.  You can’t treat my staff poorly, but feel free to abuse Lance or Josh…. For a FEE….   How dangerous are M&M peanuts?  Can you sue Mars?  The planet?   Do you make a nice temp bridge if a tooth have been missing for years, or just individual single unit temps?  Are you STOOPID?   Stay fresh!

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