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Through interviews with emerging artists, production managers, photographers and more, Women and Music aims to provide a space where women, men and non-binary people can share their experiences navigating the music business while discussing the lack of women in positions of power within the industry.

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    VÉRITÉ is a prolific and “spellbinding” (NPR) songwriter, executive producer and performer, her independently produced albums, EPs, and singles have garnered 350M+ streams across all platforms with 1M+ monthly listeners. Currently, she’s focusing on the micro: building her community, honing her production skills and finding inspiration in the simplicity of her creative process. Garnering acclaim and coverage from outlets such as NPR, V Magazine, Billboard, MTV, TIME, Refinery29, and Forbes — who flagged the New York-based artist as "a leader of a new breed of musicians." — VÉRITÉ is a career independent artist carving out a niche for herself through the digital landscape. Additionally, VÉRITÉ recently became the first artist to auction master recording rights in perpetuity for new her single "by now," via NFT's. “By Now” is the first of a series of singles VÉRITÉ plans to release, as she further extends her limbs into new sounds, new collaborations and new worlds. Join Alexa Ace and VÉRITÉ as they discuss depression, female entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, and more.
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    Tiny Ruins


    A rare blend of eloquent lyrical craft and explorative musicianship, the songs of Tiny Ruins have been treasured by crowds and critics for over a decade. Via an eclectic raft of influences, the musical world of Hollie Fullbrook and band spans delicate folk, lustrous dream pop and ebullient psychedelia. Born in Bristol and raised in West Auckland, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Fullbrook's debut LP Some Were Meant For Sea (2011) features her alone, and was quickly celebrated by radio playlists and blogs worldwide. The album’s clutch of “gorgeous vignettes” (BBC) put the artist on the map, and she took to the road from her home in New Zealand to tour extensively through the UK, Europe and North America – often accompanied by her friend Cass Basil on bass. Following the tape-recorded EP Haunts (2013), produced by Jon Pearce (The Beths), and with the addition of drummer Alex Freer, the then-trio began work on second album Brightly Painted One with producer Tom Healy, who later joined the band on electric guitar. Brightly Painted One (2014) was championed by the New York Times, NPR and David Lynch, & won Best Alternative Album at the New Zealand Music Awards - “…an album of quiet, devastating beauty,” wrote Pop Matters. “...an album that both bruises the heart and lifts the soul...songwriting that demonstrates a novelist’s eye for detail.”— Uncut review of 'Brightly Painted One' In between touring, Fullbrook became a sought after collaborator. A New York recording session culminated in the EP Hurtling Through (2015) with indie-rock legend Hamish Kilgour (The Clean), while single Dream Wave (2016) was recorded and produced by award-winning cult filmmaker and musician David Lynch - “A tranquil, pared-back track [with] a gradually rising sense of the macabre… very special indeed.”— The Line of Best Fit Building on the sparse minimalism and intricate songwriting of earlier releases, the band’s third album Olympic Girls comprises a taut and agile quiver of songs, dancing with explorative instrumentation and a pop sensibility that springs with life. “How much would you be willing to give?” Fullbrook asks point-blank in first single ‘How Much’, ahead of woozily discordant strings and a stomping neo-psychedelic rhythm. The lyric brims with imagery of supermarket breakdowns, lilos, snarks and silos while an anthemic guitar hook soars throughout. Not content to leave the song at a stable conclusion, a thumping ‘I am the Walrus’-esque bass outro propels the track boomerang-style back to a space of adroit experimentation. “I've heard Olympic Girls, and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor”, wrote https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/108148664/Tiny-Ruins-Hollie-Fullbrooks-new-album-jaw-dropping (Grant Smithies). “Clustered around more introspective passages typical of confessional singer-songwriters are gnarlier phrases that give her work its buzzy voltage: arresting visual images, weird associations, daisy-chains of telling detail.” See https://www.tinyruins.com/shows (Tour Dates.) MOJO Review of Olympic Girls - ★★★★ UNCUT Review of Olympic Girls - 8/10 "Part of the charm of Olympic Girls lies in the layers of mystery in each song. Inspired by literature, science, nature and human experience, these mysteries lie waiting to be carefully unfolded…” God Is In the TV - 9/10 "An album confident in its vulnerability and luxuriating in a bigger sound." Loud & Quiet Review of Olympic Girls - 8/10 "… songs that change sound and mood during their duration, never meandering and always captivating.” BUST Review of Olympic Girls - 5/5 “… a deeper listen to these eleven tracks exposes a breadth of influences that spans decades.” - The Wire Review of Olympic Girls “She is always looking uneasily toward the next line, or moving toward mysticism. In sentimental contexts, she generates lines of wicked ambition.”— The New York Times “Fullbrook’s hushed yet forceful songs, packed with obsessives and...
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    Saint Bodhi


    Saint Bodhi is a musical chameleon. Having absorbed sounds from her native Los Angeles as well as Atlanta and New York, the singer/songwriter’s unmatched malleability has made her a sought after commodity in the songwriting world. Now, after building an impressive resume to her name, Bodhi is ready to pivot from songwriting into a solo career of her own. Born and raised in South Central, CA, Bodhi realized in her early years that she had a natural knack for storytelling. With a tireless work ethic and an extremely detailed ear, Bodhi became known as a reputable songwriter in R&B and hip-hop, boasting Beyonce, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith, Lecrae, T-Minus, !llmind, Erykah Badu, Tinashe, Kevin Gates, and Kiana Lede as just a few of her past collaborators. More recently, after an intense bidding war, management and A&R consulting firm Arketek partnered with Sony/ATV to sign the rising talent to a worldwide publishing deal in May of 2019. Now working on her debut album, Bodhi’s genre-blending talents and ominous yet uplifting style are ready to take the main stage.
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    Atlanta Cobb


    Multi-platinum selling, Artist Manager Atlanta Cobb has grown up in the forefront of the UK Music Industry and is now making waves of her own. By the age of 18, out of 5,000 applicants, she had successfully achieved a place in the Sony Music Intern Program. Atlanta took this internship by the horns, securing international success with major recording artists at Columbia and Island Records. Atlanta’s also recently managed #1 selling artist, Becky Hill and now day to day manages Ella Henderson who’s also currently on the top charts with her latest single "Let’s Go Home Together."
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    GIRLI is a queer London-based punk artist who has pink hair and writes whatever the fuck she wants. I’ve had GIRLI on repeat for a few years, so when I saw that she was openly discussing being dropped from her label, going through a breakup, AND putting out new music, I just had to reach out to hear her story. 
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    Mia Van Allen


    Mia Van Allen is the founder of The Color of Music Collective. COMC amplifies the voices of people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals working in the music industry. nEb7XiuHioTGq5Pz3Bu9
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    Phoebe Fox


    Phoebe Fox is an incredible music & touring photographer: Working with artists such as Haim, Anne Marie, Arlo Parks, The Amazons, and Grace Carter! In this episode, we talk about music photography, the struggles of being a female tour photographer, how being kind can open doors, and so much more.
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    Nadia Ali


    Credentials include: ISLAND Records, Warner Records, Liz Rosenberg Media, MTV. Currently CEO + Founder of Nadia Ali PR. Full Nadia Ali bio below: Founded in 2018, Nadia Ali PR is a full-service entertainment public relations firm dedicated to developing up and coming and established artists and talent via results-driven and carefully tailored press campaigns. Founder and CEO, Nadia Ali is a seasoned music and lifestyle publicist from New York. Nadia most recently contributed her skills, creativity and passion for music to her work as an in house publicist at Island Records, helping to break such artists as Tove Lo, Mike Posner, Bishop Briggs, Sigrid, and Astrid S. Previously holding prominent positions at MTV, Warner Bros. Records, The Door, and Liz Rosenberg Media, Nadia has over 14 years of experience working on strategic press campaigns for high profile artists including Madonna, Cher, Fleetwood Mac, and Stevie Nicks and talent including Gigi Hadid and Eden Grinshpan. You can follow Nadia on Instagram @nadiaalipr! https://www.nadiaalipr.com/ Artists mentioned: UPSAHL: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1294QqYm1VuxxjRiL9M0h9?si=fLZTYG_2QwSdJLvGDeA8Mg Bishop Briggs: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0yb46jwm7gqbZXVXZQ8Z1e?si=K6Iq0-VUT9aWonPaizI36g LOVA: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1l2NYhptmHjo64MDOcej1x?si=ys9WNC_JTTe2OM_q1i2_3Q
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    Brooke Simpson


    Brooke Simpson was a finalist on Season 13 of The Voice, and now stands as an Indigenous powerhouse leader for women in music. Brooke's upcoming endeavors include both Netflix and Broadway, as her past endeavors include working with musicians such as Miley Cyrus, Sia, and Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas.
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    Mae Muller


    North London-bred artist Mae Muller has an outrageous talent for spinning her messiest emotions into wildly catchy pop songs. On the strength of her outspoken yet sensitive songwriting, she’s found incredible success with irresistibly candid tracks like “Therapist” (an early-2020 release that landed on over 45 Spotify playlists, as well as Apple Music’s A-List Pop, In My Room, Future Hits, and more).

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