Wild thoughts podcast

Wild thoughts

Jon and Chavez

This podcast is Rated: E for Everything and Anything. We’re just average homies ready to open up and speak our thoughts.

4 Episodes

  • Wild thoughts podcast



    Today’s topic is death and what it means to us. It is a hard subject to touch on but it is good to reflect and express feelings on it.
  • Wild thoughts podcast



    Topic for this episode is Dates! First dates and 50th dates we are covering it all. Special guest star starring Gio!
  • Wild thoughts podcast

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  • Wild thoughts podcast

    High School


    Thinking back to fruitful moments and tons of pubes. Get the chance to know a little more about our past!
  • Wild thoughts podcast

    Odd balls


    Thanks for tuning into our first episode! It’s just raw recording and we’ll get more professional as we go. Today’s episode is getting to know us!

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