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Winning at Startups and the Future of Culture

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How do you lose millions, hire hundreds, raise millions, and sell companies by 30? Today Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg unpack why VC & PR can both save you and kill you, share why the greatest entrepreneurs live slowly, divulge the secret to winning every negotiation, and unpack Greg's viral tweet around building startups. Later in the episode, our hosts are joined by Tom McLeod, the 5x serial entrepreneur who helped build over 15 profitable iPhone apps. He is now solving the problem of how to bring museums into the Web3 world. Together they explain how to bring the culture and community of art into the future while simultaneously increasing the adoption of Web3 by all generations.

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Greg Isenberg: https://twitter.com/gregisenberg

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00:00 Sneak Peek

00:40 Sahil & Sam’s First Meet-Up

05:02 Why IRL Intellectual Chemistry Matters

08:15 Greg’s Guide to Start-Ups

09:43 VC & PR Are Like Drugs

13:50 Great Entrepreneurs Garden

19:42 The Internet has Leveled the Opportunity Playing Field

24:22 The Listener Wins in Negotiations

27:46 No Rejection = No Progress

29:52 Welcoming Tom McLeod and Compartmentalizing Rejection

38:04 What is Arkive?

46:14 How Does a Museum Look in Web3?

54:33 Abstracting Crypto from the Future of Art

1:01:44 How Arkive Actually Works

1:05:50 Earning vs Buying

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