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Building a Mini Berkshire Hathaway

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Are you ready to buy the business that will finance your future? Today we share the secret to generating wealth through acquisitions, explain why you need to invest for the long term, and teach the art of the deal.

Hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg are joined by the founders of Enduring Ventures, Xavier Helgesen and Sieva Kozinsky, who are building the modern Berkshire Hathaway. Xavier and Sieva share the origin stories that shaped them into blue-collar entrepreneurs and explain why QSBS creates limitless economic opportunities in America. Finally, Sahil and Greg share what they believe to be the best businesses in the world and ask for your help to break down their unit economics.

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Sieva Kozinsky: https://twitter.com/SievaKozinsky

Xavier Helgesen: https://twitter.com/xavierhelgesen

Enduring Ventures: https://www.enduring.ventures/

Better World Books: https://www.betterworldbooks.com/

ZOLA Electric: https://zolaelectric.com/

Sahil Bloom: https://twitter.com/SahilBloom

Greg Isenberg: https://twitter.com/gregisenberg

Production & Marketing Team: https://penname.co/


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00:21 Xavier’s Origin Story

06:01 Xavier’s 2nd Company

07:58 Better World Books & Zola Electric

12:12 Sieva’s Immigrant Origin Story

15:20 What is Enduring Ventures?

23:44 A Search Fund on Steroids

30:20 Patience is Key

33:58 Where Buffet is Right & Wrong

39:24 Great Companies = Great Narratives

43:21 Buying Businesses that Power America

45:40 Financing the Deal

51:40 QSBS Matters

54:25 Xavier’s Advise

59:30 Sieva’s Scaffolding Story

1:03:06 The Best Business’s in the World

1:06:04 Where to Find Xavier & Sieva

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