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From Feedback to Freedom: The Joy of Creative Problem Solving with Ernie Svenson - Part 1 of 2 {Ep. 65}

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Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite people with you - Ernie Svenson! Join us as we dive deep into how embracing creativity can revolutionize your approach to problem-solving and career satisfaction. From unlocking your creative potential to navigating feedback and shifting perspectives, this episode offers invaluable insights for professionals of all kinds who are seeking fulfillment and success.

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Here are just a few key takeaways and quotes from this episode - listen for more!

👉🏽 Key Takeaways:

Creativity isn't limited to traditional artistic pursuits; it's an essential aspect of effective problem-solving in any field.

Feedback is a valuable tool for growth and innovation, guiding us towards better solutions and outcomes.

Embracing change and shifting perspectives can lead to greater career satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Recognizing what you can control and letting go of what you can't is key to reducing stress and maximizing productivity.

Success doesn't always follow a linear path; embracing serendipity and allowing for career shifts can lead to unexpected opportunities and fulfillment.

👉🏽 Episode Quotes:

"All creativity is saying, 'What if I try this?' But really all it is, is the first step on the way to feedback, right?" - Ernie Svenson

"Learning how to teach was something I liked doing. So I would give talks. I liked that. But in talks, you're there for an hour... and then if you try to teach people, you'll invariably learn through feedback, not failure." - Ernie Svenson

"You control what you think about. As much as you can, and that's a full-time job... focus it on the thing that you actually stand a chance to control." - Ernie Svenson

"Nobody's trying to trick you. You're trying to trick you, right? You're the only one who's going to suffer from choosing the worst thing or the most difficult question." - Sheila M. Wilkinson

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