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In Episode 63, I bring in Sarah Pfeiffer, a family lawyer in Louisiana. We’ll discuss the challenges of the legal profession, the impact of high-conflict divorce cases, and the need for a more compassionate approach to divorce. Our conversation touches on the dynamics of divorce, keeping children first, and the significance of choosing a mediator-friendly attorney.

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Here are just a few key takeaways and quotes from this episode - listen for more!

👉🏽 Key Takeaways:

Conflict Resolution Options: Understand that there are alternative options to litigation in divorce, such as mediation and collaborative practices, offering more control and reducing hostility.

Gentle Accountability: Embrace the concept of gentle accountability, recognizing the need for balance and self-care.

Evolution in Legal Practice: Recognize the potential for the legal profession to evolve, allowing attorneys to shift from high-conflict cases to more collaborative and mediation-focused approaches.

Children First Approach: Acknowledge the impact of divorce on children and consider options that prioritize their well-being, moving away from adversarial courtroom battles.

Choosing the Right Professional: When contemplating divorce, carefully select legal professionals who are mediation-friendly and considerate of the broader family dynamics (like Sarah!)

👉🏽 Episode Quotes:

"You don't necessarily need a bulldog... I can negotiate and get more for you or work together to get more than you could in a litigated situation." - Sarah Pfeiffer

"The research has consistently shown conflict is bad for kids... reduce the conflict, and your kids are going to be okay." - Sarah Pfeiffer

"Control the costs, control the timeline... keeping things in your control is one of the most attractive aspects of mediation." - Sarah Pfeiffer


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