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Steve Snodgrass - John Foster UFO upcoming Documentary

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Heads up on the soon to be released 90 minute documentary featuring UFO experiencer John Foster.  A 10 minute trailer is available for preview. John is in his 80's now. He remembers, and has written about, his decades of interaction with UFOs/ETs: Amazon affiliate link.

This documentary ensures his story will be available to a wider audience.

My conversation with Steve Snodgrass is about his presentation on Experiencer John Foster to the Omaha UFO Study Group. 

What is so unique about John? In John’s decades of contact/experience, there are so many examples of the beings with whom he is engaged trying to educate and inform and, in some fashion, incentivize him to aspire to greater awareness.

If that is but a tiny glimpse of a larger game afoot, involving multiple others, we are under the influence of beings who opt to keep their presence clandestine and their ultimate goal undisclosed, all the while knowing so much about us humans they can accurately foreshadow each and every move before we make it.

The unique aspect of John's experience is that he was usually accompanied by others. He refers to them as the 'familiar strangers' ... This documentary includes some who have come forward.

Side note: Another 'familiar stranger' showed up for the preview of the film at the recent Omaha UFO Study Group presentation.

John Foster's drawing of the Bethany Grade School encounter is one example of a UFO appearing in the presence of multiple witnesses.

Links --

John Foster Documentary preview, courtesy of Rhett McClure: YouTube. At 5 minutes, a preview of John's drawing of a bell shaped UFO is similar, he says, to the one featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Steve Snodgrass - Presentation for the Omaha UFO Study Group. Steve's full presentation includes many of John's drawings. Link.
And a 2018 presentation from his YouTube channel.

These videos feature locations John documents in his books. Part 1. And Part 2.
The Omaha UFO Study Group is on Facebook. Link.

My website: https://talkingtonightlights.wordpress.com/

Follow John Foster UFOs. Details of the occupants and their abilities unlike any other experiencer story I have read to date.

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