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Art Frazier: The Gods Live in the Shadows, the truth about UFOs - ETs are real

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"This book is written not only for those who were asking the questions but for those who are strong enough to accept the answers, no matter what form the truth is packaged in." - Art Frazier

Abduction, Sightings, Portals, Experiences on Craft - ETs in the yard and in the house. An experiencer offers his fantastic photograph archive as he continues to document his reality to provide evidence for his encounters and the presence of UFOs and ETs.

In addition to ETs, the descriptions Art offers of the beings he has seen include those categorized as fairies, pixies, elementals, and assorted others known to populate the paranormal category.

It is quite possible that some of those others might represent entities we have yet to identify who can remain invisible to human eyesight but evident via photography.

- THE GODS LIVE IN THE SHADOWS: The Truth About UFOs, Volume ll, Art Frazier, Amazon Affiliate Link. Volume ll is an update after nearly 15 years of recording his UFO/ET encounters.
Summary: Now, after years of denial from the government, and so much ridicule from family and friends, I can finally say that the question of whether extraterrestrials exist has finally been answered.

Art remembers a face to face ET encounter when he was 5 years old. At the same time, he saw a UFO in his house. Since 2008, he has worked to photograph as many sightings and encounters as he can to help provide evidence for his experience. 

An abduction encounter provided an opportunity to witness ETs and what appeared to be Caucasian children in the company of an alien aboard a space craft. Art has more stories to share. I hope to continue our conversation and provide additional information -- and photographs.  

- THE GODS LIVE IN THE SHADOWS: The eight year study, Volume 1, Art Frazier, Amazon Affiliate Link.  - The first book in the series covers Art's eight year experience with extraterrestrials, and the accompanying photographs.

Art posted a recent photo of one of the ETs he photographed. This is the link for that image. Description:

"You don't have to look that close to determine that this figure is not human.
As a matter of fact, If you do look a little closer you'll begin to see the red eyed extraterrestrial, with it red eyes being shown and it's green ear on the left.
As a matter of fact this image is made of several extraterrestrials attempting to appear human."

"When I realized it was standing in the yard, I too, thought that someone was standing, but my instincts kicked in and I decided rather than go out and investigate it, I would instead return inside. I believe that it was a good decision on my part."


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