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Anything is Possible - Dream Precog, Ingo Swann, and Non Human Entities

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Experiencers might appreciate this. I had a precog dream earlier this week. 12/17/23. Translation: Ingo Swann has information he needs help sharing.

FYI. Upcoming interviews: Psychic Firefighter, Psychic Medium Andrew Radziewicz, and author Mark Ireland about his new book on Afterlife Communication

The Ingo dream is related to a new web page devoted to Ingo's information on 'Non Human Entities', NHE - / Non Human Intelligence, NHI.

Shortly after that dream, I opened my computer to receive a message, 7 minutes after it had been delivered, alerting me to the NHE page debut - intended to be announced that day at noon.

Website. IngoSwann.com

Given that much of the ET / UFO / PSI / Consciousness research Ingo participated in was classified, he was limited on how he could address it. Even had his work censored. What was so threatening? Military aspects that continue to remain classified most likely hold the key.

Ingo's belief: "We are not alone on this planet."  

Even though he is deceased, I consider Ingo a mentor and am grateful he left so many clues buried in his work. I have sensed messages and guidance that has been helpful, and I am inspired by his incredible art.

[The EVPs were a surprise but I can't prove they are Ingo.] There is a unique sensation with this connection. I continue to learn and look forward to discovering more as our connection progresses. The work he has done and the content made available by his  estate continues to benefit all who are interested in consciousness research.

Anything is possible.

The book I referenced with all of my sticky notes attached. Stardust Highways, Ingo Swann, Amazon affiliate link.

Guitar Music provided by Gary Wimmer. Interview.
Gary's book: A Second in Eternity: The true story about a 'near-death, out-of-body' experience and a voyage beyond space and time and into the Infinite, Amazon affiliate link.

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