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Midwest Rap (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #22)

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We discuss a handful of midwest rap artists: Elzhi, Esham, Tech N9ne, envelope, Danny Brown, and Black Milk.

With your hosts, Beverly Fresh, Chief Doomsday & Th' Mole.

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    Fear Of A Black Planet (WR Discussion Gang #24) ft. Geng


    We discuss Public Enemy's Fear Of A Black Planet. Video version at http://youtube.com/weirdrap. In the hour-plus After Hours talk we cover even more Public Enemy & much more, at http://patreon.com/weirdrap. With special guest Geng, AKA King Vision Ultra http://ptp.vision And your hosts: Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice http://chiefandthedoomsdaydevice.com Beverly Fresh http://superiorbelly.org Th' Mole http://thmole.bandcamp.com Please support us with some clicks & key strokes at http://weirdrap.com/rating. Check out all the Weird Rap tentacles at http://weirdrap.com.
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    13. Pedestrian, plus Kool Keith & more


    In this episode we feature an in-depth interview with pedestrian of anticon, with cameos from Kool Keith and Beverly Fresh, new music reviews, and even more. Music: * Spectacular Diagnostics: Ancient Methods https://spectacular-diagnostics.bandcamp.com/album/ancient-methods * Nosaj of New Kingdom & V8 TFD: Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigz https://nosajnewkingdomv8.bandcamp.com/album/acid-is-groovy-kill-the-pigz * Brzowski & C&Burns: Seditious Acts https://brzowskimusic.bandcamp.com/album/seditious-acts * Aloe Vera: Opaque https://aloeverarosebud.bandcamp.com/album/opaque * Tree Dusk Muir: The Dusk Within Us https://treeduskmuir.bandcamp.com/album/the-dusk-within-us-2 * phiik x S!LENCE: That Was A Test https://saintlysilence.bandcamp.com/album/that-was-a-test * Andrew Mbaruk & Vellum Bristol: Ultraviolet Flamingo https://andrewmbaruk.bandcamp.com/album/ultraviolet-flamingo * R.A.P. Ferreira: The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures https://afrolab9000.bandcamp.com/album/the-light-emitting-diamond-cutter-scriptures * Guayaba: Fantasmagoría https://itsguayaba.bandcamp.com/album/guayaba-presents-fantasmagor-a Kool Keith returns for Weird Rap Horoscopes. https://koolkeith.bandcamp.com (Note, we sell glorious Kool Keith T-shirts at http://weirdrap.com.) For our feature presentation, pedestrian takes us through the tumultuous times of anticon, lets us in on his deeply involved creative process, and shares his outlooks on art, life, death, and beyond. Following the interview, Beverly Fresh joins the program to share his insights on it. https://pedestrianunindian.bandcamp.com FREE Patreon bonuses include… * A lengthy discussion with pedestrian, producer Jel, and the multi-talented Kevin Beacham, exploring Jel and Beacham's development in Chicago's underground hip hop scene in the 90s, the genesis of Scribble Jam, early relationships that would eventually lead to anticon, pedestrian's Evangelist J.B. Best alter-ego, and much more. * An 11-minute videotaped performance of pedestrian as Evangelist J.B. Best. * Photographs of pedestrian’s transcribed and otherwise unreleased "Song Of Saint Pac" with accompanying artwork, as printed on a limited series of prayer flags. And our Patreon subscribers’ exclusive bonus is the official STUFFED ANIMALS album. Besides a crappy-sounding leak with different tracks, there has been no previous release of this supergroup comprised of pedestrian, Circus, Doseone, sole, Why?, L*Roneous, Megabusive, Controller 7, and Moodswing9. An uncompromising and fearless celebration of untamed art rap, this album, recorded around the turn of the century, exemplifies the anticon era at the peak of its adventurousness. All of the above bonus materials, and much more, are at http://patreon.com/weirdrap. Please consider doing some clicking and typing to algorithmically help the Weird Rap project out at http://weirdrap.com/rating.
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    12. Volume 10, plus Kool Keith, Oaky, Cane Corso, Eb&Flow


    In this episode we interview Volume 10 (of Project Blowed/"Pistol Grip Pump") fame.  We're also joined by resident oracle Kool Keith, political scientist Eb&Flow, and rap maniac Oaky.  Plus we showcase the Cane Corso collective. To begin, we look into the mysterious Cane Corso collective and record label, including the artists 3SunzEclipse, Joobs, Luca Blood, and p.WRECKS. Cane Corso Records - http://deadorchard.bandcamp.com Pen Thief Records - http://penthiefrecords.bandcamp.com p.WRECKS - https://pwrecks.bandcamp.com Eb&Flow returns to examine racism and questionable politics in rap, this time focusing on, among other things, Griselda's Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny The Butcher.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCttOrqwtHusXIOX6YzWEQHw We announce Weird Rap Records' redistribution of the Sensational: Loaded With Power CD, and we gently remind you of the Interdependence compilation (ft. Clipping, Kool Keith, Mestizo, Beans, Youngman, Mike Ladd, Awol One, Duncecap, Rammellzee, StapleMouth & more), both at http://weirdrap.bandcamp.com. Kool Keith is back for another round of Weird Rap Horoscopes, letting you know what the cosmos has in store for you... https://koolkeith.bandcamp.com For our feature presentation, guest correspondent Beverly Fresh interviews Volume 10, covering his evolution from the streets to the outer dimensions.  He speaks about his creative process, influences (from Chubb Rock to Myka 9), and the ups and downs of his career. He also gets candid about Ice Cube. https://volume10.bandcamp.com In the bonus episode, V10 takes us into deep space as he reveals his conception of the universe.  He also further explains his connections to Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. (And we peek into his family life as his wife and kid make brief appearances.)  This and many other exclusive interviews (New Kingdom, Scotty Hard, Orko, Doseone, Antipop Consortium and more) are yours for $3 at http://patreon.com/weirdrap. Finally, New Zealand's Oaky joins us to detail his recent parasite-induced manic episode, exploring the psychology of a fledgling MC in a delusional mindstate.  http://oakytreeraps.bandcamp.com Please support Weird Rap with a couple clicks at http://weirdrap.com/rating. Explore the many tentacles of Weird Rap at http://weirdrap.com.
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    Bonus: Mike Ladd continued...


    Just to show you what you're missing if you're not a subscriber to http://patreon.com/weirdrap, here's the bonus episode for Weird Rap Podcast #11 with Mike Ladd. The esteemed rapper/poet and hip hop producer details his struggle with addiction and more. Please, for the love of Divine Styler, rate/review at http://weirdrap.com/rating.
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    Skits & Interludes (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #23)


    We discuss intros, interludes, skits & such, including KMD, Raekwon, Outkast, Ice-T, Fugees, Madvillain, Dove Shack, Ice Cube, and Kendrick Lamar. Video version: http://youtube.com/weirdrap After Hours episode (feat. De La Soul, Masta Ace, and Air Credits): http://patreon.com/weirdrap With special guest DotdotDotdotDotdot http://www.instagram.com/ddotdotdotdotdotdot And your regular hosts: Beverly Fresh http://superiorbelly.org Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice http://chiefandthedoomsdaydevice.com Th' Mole http://thmole.bandcamp.com Please rate/review: http://weirdrap.com/rating Brought to you by Weird Rap http://weirdrap.com
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    11. Mike Ladd, plus Kool Keith, Rhys Langston, etc.


    In this episode Mike Ladd (Infesticons, Anarchist Republic of Bzzz, Dead Can Rap) joins us for an in-depth interview. Also featuring Rhys Langston, Kool Keith, a bunch of music recommendations, and more. Music Recommendations: Air Credits: Believe That You’re Here https://aircredits.bandcamp.com/album/believe-that-youre-here Dos Monos: Dos Siki Second Season; Larderello https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Zg5lgH9GmkewONPMJlhbv Moor Mother: Black Encyclopedia of the Air https://moormother.bandcamp.com/album/black-encyclopedia-of-the-air Various Artists: Sounds of Pamoja (Nyege Nyege Tapes) https://nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com/album/sounds-of-pamoja Rey Sapienz and The Congo Techno Ensemble: Na Zala Zala https://nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com/album/na-zala-zala Youngman & Celestaphone: A Year Of Octobers https://mcpb.bandcamp.com/album/a-year-of-octobers Andrew Mbaruk: Andra Mbalimbali https://andrewmbaruk.bandcamp.com/album/andra-mbalimbali Injury Reserve: By The Time I Get To Phoenix https://injuryreserve.bandcamp.com/album/by-the-time-i-get-to-phoenix Pan Amsterdam: P.A&JSammich https://panamsterdam.bandcamp.com/album/p-a-jsammich Aaron Cartier: Smile Season https://open.spotify.com/album/3lvLrzj8jhwrTeDtQiwqeR Rob Sonic: Latrinalia https://skypimps.bandcamp.com/album/latrinalia Lungs: The Birth Of LoneSword https://7deadlung7.bandcamp.com/album/the-birth-of-lonesword-full-tape-prod-by-lonesword Curly Castro: Little Robert Hutton https://curlycastro.bandcamp.com/album/little-robert-hutton Flavor Wolf: 9th Dimension (Myka 9, prod. by Freematik) https://flavorwolf.bandcamp.com/album/the-ninth-dimension This episode’s edition of Hip Hop Haikus features the great Rhys Langston. http://rhyslangston.bandcamp.com / http://patreon.com/rhyslangston Kool Keith returns for a third round of Weird Rap Horoscopes. (Check out our official Kool Keith T-shirts, by the way, at http://weirdrap.com.) And for our feature presentation, weird rap royalist Mike Ladd takes us through his life and career, from his early identification as an "outsider" through the NYC art rap heyday with Antipop Consortium, Company Flow, Sonic Sum, etc., to future works. He details the Infesticons trilogy and its forthcoming offshoots, his past and current rap inspirations, thoughts on labels and language, and much more. https://mikeladd.fr In the 35-minute Patreon bonus episode, Mike shares his journey through substance abuse, his current non-psychoactive addiction, and beyond. $3 gets you this and a hoard of exclusive interviews with Antipop, Spectre of Wordsound, New Kingdom, Bigg Jus, Doseone, Orko, Cambatta, and others. (Higher price tiers include stickers, shirts, Weird Rap Discussion Gang membership, etc.) http://patreon.com/weirdrap Thanks for listening. Please support us with a few moments of your time and a few clicks at http://weirdrap.com/rating.
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    Midwest Rap (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #22)


    We discuss a handful of midwest rap artists: Elzhi, Esham, Tech N9ne, envelope, Danny Brown, and Black Milk. With your hosts, Beverly Fresh, Chief Doomsday & Th' Mole. Video version at http://youtube.com/weirdrap After Hours discussion at http://patreon.com/weirdrap Please rate/review at http://weirdrap.com/rating All the other Weird Rap stuff at http://weirdrap.com
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    Kid Rappers (Weird Rap Discussion Gang #21)


    We discuss rap by kids: Another Bad Creation, Kriss Kross, Illegal, Da Youngsta's, 5th Ward Juvenilez, BG, Baby D (Lil Wayne), Bobb'e J, Fly Girlz, YN Rich Kidzz, Silentó, Soulja Boy, Rich Brian, & Zaza. Video version: http://youtube.com/weirdrap After Hours discussion (Slim Jesus, 2 Low): http://patreon.com/weirdrap (If you like kid rap, tune in to this Sunday's Weird Rap Radio Show at http://spaz.radio in which Lil Kushy Shapes will play a whole damn hour of it.  To be archived later at http://mixcloud.com/weirdrap.) Your hosts: Beverly Fresh - http://superiorbelly.org Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - http://chiefandthedoomsdaydevice.com Th' Mole - http://thmole.bandcamp.com For the love of god, please support us with a few clicks at http://weirdrap.com/rating Much more Weird Rap stuff at http://weirdrap.com
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    Cypress Hill: S/T (WR Discussion Gang #20) ft. Skiz Fernando


    We discuss the groundbreaking self-titled debut Cypress Hill album. We're joined by guest Skiz Fernando (AKA Spectre of Wordsound Recordings, author of From The Streets of Shaolin: The Wu-Tang Saga). With your usual hosts: Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - http://chiefandthedoomsdaydevice.com Th' Mole - http://thmole.bandcamp.com Video version: http://youtube.com/weirdrap [Thurs. Aug. 12] After Hours Discussion (on Cypress Hill: Black Sunday): http://patreon.com/weirdrap Please rate/review: http://weirdrap.com/rating All the Weird Rap stuff: http://weirdrap.com
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    10. Bigg Jus (Company Flow), plus Kool Keith, etc.


    In the latest episode of Weird Rap Podcast we speak in-depth with Bigg Jus and pay respect to Biz Markie. Kool Keith returns for another round of Weird Rap Horoscopes, and Eb&Flow is back with a Rap Grifters report. We also introduce the Hip Hop Haikus segment with guest poet Andrew Mbaruk. Plus more! MC/producer Bigg Jus, who ghosted the world for 9 years, is making his way back into the public eye as he ramps up for a string of releases. We get into the grit of his upbringing as an orphan, adopted only to become homeless, and how this led him to graffiti. From military school to street crime and finally into music (where he first made his mark with Company Flow), we follow Jus's trajectory through the decades, wherein his political, historical and sonic studies lead up to the current day. He talks about his upcoming projects with Orko Eloheim (as Nephilim Modulation Systems), his album-in-progress Sonoluminescence, and how he’s finally found the family that eluded him as a kid. The bonus episode features another 23 minutes with Jus in which we get deeper into his writing and recording practices, political views, pre-Company Flow works, and more. It’s yours, along with all the past bonus content (including exclusive interviews with Orko, Antipop Consortium, New Kingdom, etc.), for 3 tiny dollars at http://patreon.com/weirdrap. The Rap Grifters series continues as guest correspondent Eb&Flow breaks down the thinly-veiled white supremacist dogwhistler Tom MacDonald. The segment is followed by a brief discussion with Eb&Flow. As one of rap’s original outsiders, Biz Markie’s recent passing looms large in the weird rap universe. We detail his musical history and what he meant to us. Also made a playlist of some of our Biz favorites at https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO3PzIvK6s2xC0VbjI5Z4ySXlRUWh-AXe. We introduce several new segments to the show: Are You Wealthy, Did You Know?, and Hip Hop Haikus, the latter featuring a brief original spoken-word piece by MC/poet Andrew Mbaruk. For your zodiacal needs, resident wizard Kool Keith returns with another edition of Weird Rap Horoscopes. And we recommend The Crate 808 Podcast. We’ve updated our ratings page so that now virtually anyone can help us combat the brutal algorithmic overlords with a few clicks in a minute or less at http://weirdrap.com/rating. Please do. T-shirts, socials, and all the other Weird Rap stuff is at http://weirdrap.com.

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