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WeedMan 420 Chronicles


An educational cannabis podcast for burners, by burners! Stomp the Stigma by learning about cannabis for both medical and recreational use. Let's put the War on Drugs to sleep by learning the truth about a plant that is fascinating, useful, natural, and on it's way to your living room...if it's not already there. Mr and Mrs Weedman get down to the nitty gritty truth with cannabis news from around the world, research articles, the latest data on consumer usage and the latest products hitting the market. We talk about the basics of cannabis, how to buy it, how to use it, and what to know if you're new to the "culture". We bring you research, statistics and all sorts of interesting information to help you learn more about what makes cannabis so great, because it really is an AMAZING plant!

Our early episodes, 1 through 14, feature the next generation of cannabis users, "the boys" sit with Mr Weedman and talk it out...their high times - trials and errors & nostalgic stories of getting stoned. They had fun times recording but jobs, moves, and Covid separated the group and the Covid stay at home order left Mr Weedman without his sidekicks.

Episode 15 introduces Mrs. Weedman to the show. Little did she know, she'd become Mr Weedman's official co-host. So, listen to the early episodes, but be sure to stick around as we continue to evolve our show and bring you information that's worthy of you time!

We are here to advocate for our favorite plant, and we continue to learn with you along the way. We hope you enjoy the show!

Puff, Puff and away....
Mr & Mrs Weedman

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