Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

Wedding MBA Podcast

Clint Hufft

The best business advice for Wedding Professionals. Interviews with business experts including speakers from the annual Wedding MBA Conference. Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Social Media, Legal, Inspiration, Motivation, Humor and Leadership. Hosted by Clint Hufft.

100 Episodes

  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 168 - Aleya Harris


    Generate Your Own Sales Leads with Aleya Harris. Wedding pros have to create increasingly compelling lead magnets to persuade wedding couples to hand over their email address. Wedding quizzes and how-to guide examples. Creative content inspiration. Lead generator tips and tools
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 167 - Amanda Richardson


    Monetize Your Creativity with Amanda Richardson. AmandaRichardsonPhotocom. Amanda Richardson, Owner, Amanda Richardson Boutique Photography Just because you don’t stare at spreadsheets and reports all day doesn’t mean your time is worth any less. Use your creativity to tell your personal brand story. Improve your imagery and use it to book new clients. When it makes sense to niche down. Profit through your creativity
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

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  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 166 - Susan Southerland


    Rebuild Your Wedding Business with Susan Southerland. It will take hard work and determination just to get back to your pre-pandemic sales level. Stand strong with wedding business owners who are open for business. Tips to rebuild your business. New revenue streams that won’t distract you from your day-to-day.
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 165 - Artem Lomaz


    Personalize Your Business with Artem Lomaz. Personalization actually starts before the booking process begins. It can be utilized throughout your relationship with your clients to help create referrals. • Customize the consultation process • Onboarding, preparation, the wedding itself, and offboarding • Personalizing milestone moments.
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 164 - Kaleigh Wiese


    Visual Branding with Kaleigh Wiese., Are you ready to add some results-driven brand flair to your website, marketing, emails, and social media posts? Graphic design is a useful tool to communicate to your ideal potential clients. Learn typography, imagery, and color theory techniques. Increase your bookings with strategic brand positioning online. Ensure your brand is on-point and your message is clear.
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 163 - Nicole Heylmun


    Convert Your Leads to Bookings with Nicole Heylmun. Many wedding professionals downplay the importance of getting potential clients on the phone (or Zoom) as early as possible. How do you control the conversation? How do you instantly make nearly-weds comfortable with you? Sales call flow structure, Answers to every objection, Best sales software CRMs.
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 162 - Mike Walter


    Non Agressive Selling with Mike Walter, Why the typical strong sales approach isn't always the most effective. How to be the expert without being a know it all. Why video is the best selling tool.
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 161 - Bethel Nathan


    Getting and Using Reviews with Bethel Nathan. How and when to approach the review process with your clients. What to do with the reviews to enhance your marketing!
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 160 - Meghan Ely


    Professional Reputation with Meghan Ely. What is your reputation? How many reputations do you have? How PR can enhance your reputation. The difference between PR, marketing and advertising.
  • Wedding MBA Podcast podcast

    Wedding MBA Podcast 159 - Lynne Reznick


    Using Psychology in Sales with Lynne Reznick. A small change to your package pricing that will reduce client friction. How to position yourself as an expert during the initial conversation.

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