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Warrior Goddess Revolution

HeatherAsh Amara

Let's get free. Free of shame. Free of fear. Free of limitations. Free to choose. Free to be the brightest, most audacious, brilliant, creative, present, connected, spacious warrior goddess you can be. Join HeatherAsh Amara, author of the bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training, and be inspired to claim your freedom... The freedom to make mistakes without punishing yourself endlessly. The freedom to laugh when you take something personally. The freedom to embody the patience you need to rewire your thinking. The freedom to do your best, without judgment. The freedom to find stillness in the chaos. The freedom to love yourself fully. The freedom to soar. Let the inner revolution begin. Let's get free and give back.

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  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    The Victim and Judge Dance


    The ongoing journey with two main aspects of our selves: the judge who tends to punish, compare, and look for faults, and the victim who feels like it is not fair, I don't know how to do this, I'm scared... Often we find the victim energy distasteful, and the judge mean, but both have healed, more mature versions. The judge can be shifted into discernment, the victim can be shifted into honest vulnerability. Today we explore how to support ourselves in growing up with love and fierce compassion. Warrior Goddess Revolution Podcast music and production by https://kevinbrahenyfortune.bandcamp.com/ (Kevin Braheny Fortune)
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Killing Buddha with Betsy Chasse


    Several years ago I put out a request on Facebook: "Hey, anybody want to pick my up at the Los Angeles airport and drive me to Ojai for an event? I'll pay for gas and a meal..." I was beyond delighted when friend of a friend Betsy Chasse volunteered, and we got to spend the day together. In this episode we talk about Betsy's journey to writing her latest book, Killing Buddha, which is loosely based on the waves of her life coming together and then spectacularly falling apart after her success with What the Bleep do We Know?! There is lots of laughter and heart and depth in this conversation. The subject of Killing Buddha? "What happens when the least spiritual person on the planet gets hired to make a movie about spirituality? You’re about to find out." About BetsyAward winning Film maker, Best Selling Author, Change-Maker, Mom. Best known as the Co-Writer, Director and Producer of the hit film What The Bleep Do We Know?!. Her new book out March 2021 is Killing Buddha! She has also produced the award winning Song of The New Earth, Pregnant In America, Radical Dating and The Empty Womb. She has authored multiple books, including; The Documentary Filmmaking Master Class, Tipping Sacred Cows,https://amzn.to/2W9JxhU ( )and What The Bleep Do We Know?!, Discovering The Endless Possibilities to Altering Your Everyday Reality. In addition to several Best-Selling Self help Compilation books.. She also enjoys consulting with multiple clients to develop multi-media content for world-wide distribution. https://betsychasse.net (https://betsychasse.net) https://amzn.to/3FB8HIO (Killing Buddha)
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

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  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Integration and Being Illogical


    I don't have time to integrate! I / you / they / the world must make sense! Oh, little mind, you need rest. You need emptiness. You need no-thing. And you need to let in the no-sense and stop trying to make meaning of everything. Because it is in the gaps: the long walks, while sudsing up in the shower, or while petting your purring cat that your brilliance will burst forth. And it is in the chaos and the disorder that something new will be born. So let's do nothing for no reason and see what arises. Warrior Goddess Revolution Podcast music and production by https://kevinbrahenyfortune.bandcamp.com/ (Kevin Braheny Fortune)
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Truth-Telling, Emerging Courageously, and Connecting to Our Intuition


    During this session, Kelly and I talk about her journey to discover her voice, truthtelling even when it's messy, and listening deeply to our intuition. We talk about how to let go of guilt, cheerlead ourselves, be in the Mystery, and how to be honest with ourselves even when it's challenging. As we re-emerge from this cacoon of quarantine life, how can we take those lessons back out into the world with mindfulness, ease, and courage? A little bit about Kelly Throughout Kelly's life, she's worn lots of different hats. She's worked in boardrooms and ashrams. She's blended two families and six children. She's brought women from more than 50 countries together in my passion for truthtelling and uplifting women’s voices. She's a devoted mom, wife, friend, mentor, bestselling author, and businesswoman who knows that putting on your own oxygen mask is the best way you can model what it means to take care of yourself and others. These experiences are all a part of her—the good, the bad, and everything in between. She's messy, genuine, and perfectly imperfect. Find out more at her website: www.womenforone.com
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    The Power of Separation


    For the past thirty years plus I’ve been creating separation. On purpose. Because separation is a path of healing and reconciliation. We all have trauma, and hurt, and healing to do. Creating mindful separation is not a form of denial or something that is creating more destruction. My intent always always always is to speak truth, learn from past mistakes, name where we have been so we can choose where we are going. This 30-minute musing explores how to create good, healing, potent, magical separation.
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Racial Literacy, Trauma, and Wealth in Community


    During this episode of the Warrior Goddess Revolution, I talk with one of our first Warrior Goddess Level 1 facilitators, Serena Hicks. This conversation opens us up to letting go of scarcity, power and privilege, being biracial, trauma, and unpacking race and wealth together. About Serena Serena Hicks is a biracial Biz Coach who believes that money-making, especially for womxn and people of color, is a revolutionary act of reclamation and radical self-acceptance. She is a native Texan currently living in Austin after a 10-year stint as a TV producer and event planner for MTV in NYC. Serena believes that “everyday people” can, will, and are already changing the world. SerenaHicks.com
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Happy Warrior Queen Day, Goddesses!


    How to embody steadiness and self-awareness while claiming your sovereignty, sass, and stillness. A thirty minute musing of love from my heart to yours.
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Relentless Creativity


    During this episode of the Warrior Goddess Revolution, HeatherAsh and her best friend Autumn talk about their days being reporters, building community-centered media, and intimate stories about parenting and mental health. About Autumn Autumn Labbe-Renault has been described by many as “relentlessly creative.” Whether she’s steering the ship at Davis Media Access as executive director of this nonprofit community media center in Davis, CA; documenting the effects of the pandemic locally through her weekly radio show the “COVID-19 Community Report” on KDRT95.7FM, or running her Etsy business, Autumn Light Designs, creativity is a hallmark of her thinking and her work. She boils this down to “I connect people and make things, and I get stuff done.” davismedia.org; KDRT.org; https://www.etsy.com/shop/AutumnLightDesigns
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Who is Mistreating You Most?


    “Love yourself so much that when someone mistreats you, you recognize it.” This quote on the Warrior Goddess Inspiration page as been shared almost 10,000 times and liked over 27,000 times. It's one of our most popular memes. While this statement is true, it is also incomplete. Because it does not include the person who is probably mistreating you the most. Here is what we ponder in today's episode: Where are you mistreating yourself through self-judgment, comparison, sabotage, procrastination, pushing, overeating, addictions, overthinking, cycling or repressing your emotions, disliking your body, or any other ways that you abandon yourself? And how do you acknowledge how you mistreat yourself while also making clear, skillful, calm, fierce, firm, loving boundaries with others who are mistreating you?
  • Warrior Goddess Revolution podcast

    Sacred Evolution with Qi Dada


    In this episode, I talk with Qi Dada about her local community in Austin, her passion around spirituality and music, and the sweet spot where these things meet. We have an epic conversation on the evolutionary process that happens when we lean into the Mystery and live life fully in our being as visionaries celebrating, dismantling, and morphing. She also shares about their new album, Flowers for the Living and a sneak peek of her favorite song, Magic, where I got to sing back-up. About Qi Dada: Qi Dada is one of the https://www.facebook.com/Lead-vocalists-199199157507621/ (Lead vocalists) at https://www.facebook.com/rashiphop/ (RIDERS AGAINST the STORM (RAS)) and https://www.facebook.com/Chief-Executive-Visionary-252176201467174/ (Chief Executive Visionary) at https://www.facebook.com/Divine-and-Conjure-LLC-1393042957594230/ (Divine and Conjure LLC). She is a civic leader and spiritual leader from the Africa diaspora. She facilitates folks through their heart space and refreshes their imagination--to imagine themselves in places once thought of as imaginable. You can find and follow her at https://www.instagram.com/qidadalife.

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