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W2 Podcast

Will Ratelle

Geared towards topics relating to strength and conditioning. We like to bring on guests of professionals in the field and explore their expertise and perspectives regarding training and coaching.

7 Episodes

  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Alex and Megan Twenge, Integrate Institute of Sports Performance


    Alex and Megan are the owners of Integrate Institute of Sports Performance. They work in both clinical/rehab setting but also on the sports performance side of the spectrum of strength and conditioning.
  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Cam Dietz, Strength and Conditioning Coach Utah Valley


    Cam shares his experiences working primarily with baseball and softball athletes.  
  • W2 Podcast podcast

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  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Austin Barnes, Colorado Strength and Conditioning Coach


    Austin is a strength and conditioning coach at Colorado University. He has a lot of experience working with unique sports such as sailing and fencing and shares his experiences. 
  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Larry Jusdanis, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sport Specific Training


    Larry is both a football and strength and conditioning coach for a prep school in Toronto. Larry shares his insights and wisdom from both is playing days and his experience as a coach.
  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Nick DiMarco, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Elon University


    Nick has been at the forefront of innovative thinking and implementation of new ideas and programming in college sports. Nick became the director of strength and conditioning at age 25 and has shared many of his ideas on social media. We discuss the role (or lack there of) of olympic weightlifting as a means to training for team sport athletes as well as how Elon implements their speed/agility work to be transferable to sports.
  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Zach Cahill, Associate AD of Sports Performance, Northern Illinois University


    Zach Cahill is the Associate AD of Sports Performance at Northern Illinois University. In this episode, we discuss the differences in roles between a strength and conditioning coach and a more administrative role such as Associate AD. We also discuss strategies for training basketball athletes in and out of the competitive season.
  • W2 Podcast podcast

    Adam Parsons, Colorado State Strength and Conditioning Coach


    Adam Parsons is an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Colorado State. He works with the softball team and  track & field team. Adam is a very intelligent coach and shares his experiences and perspectives regarding training philosophy with track and field athletes.   Instagram - coachparsons15  Twitter - CoachParsons15    0:00 - Introduction  4:50 - How Adam trains throwers, jumpers, and sprinters  8:50 - The necessity of making your programs adaptable to weekly schedules  14:15 - Importance of understanding training age differences between athletes on the same team  17:45 - Assessment/progression of athletes performing the olympic lifts  23:15 - Track and Field Culture in the weight room  29:40 - How to assess a strength coach's performance when working with track and field athletes  41:30 - Changes in training philosophy over time   #Podcast #strength&conditioning #bps #biopsycosocial #track&field #culture #strength #strong #athlete #power #mindfulness

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