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Who killed Brittany? - 'Culpable' Season 2

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Culpable is back for a new season with a new case. On August 28, 2013, 22 year old Brittany Stykes was shot and killed while driving down Highway 68 in Brown County, Ohio. It’s been nearly a decade since her murder and the search for answers continues. Host Dennis Cooper and investigative journalist Jessica Noll work to unearth the truth around this story of a young mother whose life was cut short and the loved ones who have been left picking up the pieces. From Resonate Recordings and Tenderfoot TV, this is Culpable. Available now. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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