Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries

Star Blatner

Star Blatner and Misty Lynn Quinn are two Jacksonville women who are hellbent on solving the mysteries left unanswered from the hit show Unsolved Mysteries.

5 Episodes

  • Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

    The Glass Ain't Always Jon Benet-er


    [Tawny, we are having a hard time finding an audience. Can you put something in here about something that would intrigue the viewers to listen? I hope that you're coming over on Sunday. We're going to play Fibbitch, have you ever played? xoxo - Star]
  • Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

    The Glass Ain't Always Everclearer


    [Tawny, we want to stress the importance of the dangerous natures of teen drinking. Can you put in an anecdote about something about something about teen drinking being bad? We think it will save a lot of lives. Off to boca this week. Come over for a grill out next week! Let's catch up. - Star]
  • Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

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  • Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

    The Glass Ain't Always Wetter


    [Tawny we had a lot of fun with seals in this episode, laughing out loud. If you don't mind putting some kind of fun joke in or a pun or something silly. That would be great! Larry is back in town would love to have you over for a grill out! You know how he gets with his grill! ;^) xoxoxo -Star]
  • Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

    The Glasser Ain't Always Greener


    [This is Episode 2, Tawny, so If you can say something about the episode that will give the viewers something they'll want to latch on to. That would be great. Maybe somethin a little funny too. We love jokes. Thx again, forever! Xoxo- Star]
  • Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries podcast

    The Grass Ain't Always Greener


    (put something here about what the episode is about please, Tawny. Thanks again for helping us out with this. We're both too old to figure out all this computer nonsense ;^) . Hope you two will come over for dinner some time this week. Larry is out of town on business. xo-Star)

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