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Progress for Nonspeakers: A 3 Year Follow-up with Elizabeth Vosseller and Ian Nordling

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One of the least understood, and most marginalized groups of autistic people are those who are non-speaking, or who have minimal or unreliable speech due to neurologically-based motor speech disorders. Nonspeakers’ “voices” are now being heard, and what they have to say is shattering erroneous stereotypes about those for whom speech is not their primary mode of communication. Harmful beliefs about how speech and behavior are accurate reflections of a person’s intelligence and social awareness are being discarded. We initially spoke three years ago with Ian Nordling, a young autistic man who has benefitted from Spelling to Communicate (S2C), and Elizabeth Vosseller, who developed (S2C). In this episode, we get an update on progress for non-speakers.

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