Under The Tartan Sky podcast

Under The Tartan Sky

Glen L. Moyer

A regular interview program hosted by Scot diaspora Glen L. Moyer focusing on Scotland - its history, people, culture, lifestyle, music, food, drink and much, much more.

85 Episodes

  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels


    A discussion with Dr. Mel Tonkin, director of the Scottish Wildlife Trust's Saving Red Squirrels Project about efforts to control the invasive grey squirrel and protect the native red squirrel population in Scotland.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Restoring the Caledonian Forest


    Once covering more than 15,000 square kilometers, today less than 1 percent of the once great Caledonian Forest remains. Trees for Life are working to restore these woodlands through tree planting, land management, reintroduction of critical species and more.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

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  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Get Your Kicks on the Kintyre 66!


    Take a virtual road trip around Scotland’s newest tourist route, the Kintyre 66 to see and hear about the many sights , attractions and experiences await the visitor to Scotland’s Kintyre peninsula.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    2004: A Scottish Space Odyssey


    An interview with Brian Binnie, born in the USA and raised in Scotland who piloted Spaceship One to 70 miles above the Earth in 2004 and captured the $10-million Ansari X Prize and ushered in commercial space flight.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Weaving Tartan with Glass: Alicia MacInnes Design


    Glasgow artisan Alicia MacInness discusses her work in fused glass to create jewellery and other art pieces often inspired by tartan.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Away From The Ordinary: A Pandemic Survival Story


    A discussion of how the Scottish bespoke travel experience company, Away From The Ordinary, was able to pivot to online activities to survive the shutdown of international travel by Covid-19.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Wild For Scotland: The Podcast


    Award winning Scottish travel blogger Kathi Kamleitner discusses moving to Scotland, beginning her career as a blogger and niche destination travel consultant to her latest venture, a travel podcast.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    A Breed Apart: The Eriskay Pony


    The Eriskay Pony is as old as Scotland itself but today is critically endangered numbering between a few hundred and a few dozen. Once found throughout Scotland’s Outer Hebrides islands it is today limited largely to the Isles of Eriskay and Uist where efforts are underway to preserve the breed.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    The Association of Exiled Scots

    Two Scottish entertainers, Ainsley Hamill and Anna MacDonald discuss their coming together to form an association (company) to share their love of Scottish culture, music, dance, and language with a worldwide audience.
  • Under The Tartan Sky podcast

    Your Tartan, Your Style: ScotlandShop


    A profile of Anna White, founder of ScotlandShop offering tailored tartan fashion.

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