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Carley Rutledge & Monica Moser

A Friday Night Lights re-watch podcast hosted by Texans and childhood best friends Carley Rutledge (@cool.cactus.media) & Monica Moser (@monicamoser) covering storyline, film editing, music supervision, our silly lives and stories, and why we’ll be watching this show (TX) Forever! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support

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  • TX Forever podcast

    Love Letters with Lorraine


    Louanne Stephens, Grandma Saracen, joined us again for a special bonus episode all about love. We discuss listener questions all about dating and marriage and get vulnerable at the end with our personal woes. Louanne gave us some very needed tough (but still sweet) love. This episode is for all of our listeners, wherever you are on the single, dating, married spectrum. Thanks for joining us Grandam Saracen and say hi to Matt and Julie for us! Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, MOVE ON!  Season 4 coming next week. Check out our TX Talk with Louanne here // follow us @txforeverpod  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    S3E13: Tomorrow Blues


    It's the Season 3 Finale!! In this just-Monica-and-Carley-ep, as per tradish, we talk about how this episode is more of an epilogue than a finale, get real nostalgic on that senior year stress, and more. Some family member help bookend this very monumental episode. See Ya'll at East Dillon?? // Follow us @txforeverpod  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

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  • TX Forever podcast

    S3E12: Underdogs (with Erin Mallory Long)


    This week’s buddy is the stunning Liv Tyler, oh we mean Erin Mallory Long (@erinmallorylong), co-host of the Best of Friends Podcast and Monster’s Inc. stan. This week our references span the ages from It’s a Wonderful Life, to Wanda Vision, to Harry Potter and more. Of course we pick apart Panther’s trip to STATE, the best Tyra/Landry moments of the season, and the aftermath of the McCoy family drama. Much ado about flare jeans, bangs that look sexy pushed back and so much more gets unpacked this week - enjoy! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    S3E11: A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (with Allison Miller)


    It’s your Bob Dylan Cover Band: The Three Girls this week! Allison Miller (@allisonemiller), currently starring in A Million Little Things on ABC, helps us cover a million little things this week: heart-felt one-one-ones with Tim and Lyla, Tyra and her mama, the very upsetting, explosive scene with the McCoys in the rain, the beginning of the rezoning plot, and so much more. ⅔ of us sip some “red tea” and dig in! Enjoy! // Follow us @txforeverpod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    O.C. Interruptus: Part 2 (with Addison Durham)


    We head from TX > CA one more time to cover Seasons 3 and 4 of The O.C.! Mon’s besties unite (and don’t get TOO jealous of each other) to talk all about Marisa’s iconic death, the wonderful surprise of an at-times-unclothed, hippie Chris Pratt, Julie Cooper’s many romantic entanglements, and of course our fav music moments from this seasons: Imogen Heap, Sufjan Stevens, etc. Take a trip with us to a world even deeper into the early ‘00s this week! Thanks for joining us @addisonwilderdurham! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    S3E10: The Giving Tree (with Kevin T. Porter)


    Our prodigal son returns! Or something like that...but Kevin T. Porter (@kevintporter) is back Y'ALL! This Gilmore lovin' goof gets silly with us this week as we discuss Succession, have spontaneous music moments, get pregnant from Riggins again, and debate if people are still allowed to be ‘Daddy’s Girls’. We dig deep into this pivotal episode on Julie’s active sex life, Mamma Tami, Bad Buddy, and Riggins to the Rescue. Don’t miss this week with the man who brought us Gilmore Guys and toppled the Ellen matriarchy! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    S3E9: Game of the Week (with Erin Whitehead)


    We are on the cusp of a crisp fall, a deadly Lyla Garrity hangover, a Billy magic trick…? And a Tyra rescue. The hilarious & delightful Erin Whitehead (@girlwithatail) joins us to talk misspoken idioms, female written male ingenues, adults fraught relationship with dairy and breaks down this pleasant midseason ep. Enjoy! Send us your love letters!! Ever wanted Grandma Saracen’s love advice? Now’s your chance! Slide into our DMs or email us at [email protected] --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    S3E8: New York, New York


    Unfettered, untethered, unsupervised...crack open a cold one and head to New York with Carley, Monica...oh and Jason and Tim. This week packs it in with a series-wrap on Scott Porter, a runaway Cashanova and Tyra, some more Property Brothers, and most importantly the return of Tim’s denim jacket. Don’t miss the silliness (and also the surprising amount of tears). --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
  • TX Forever podcast

    TX Talks: Liza Richardson (Music Supervisor)


    We have a super unique TX Talk for y’all today! Emmy-nominated Liza Richardson (@lizarichardson) was the Music Supervisor for Friday Night Lights (as well as Parenthood, Watchmen, Outer Banks, Narcos, Barry, Lovecraft Country, The Morning Show, and so much more.) As y’all know, music is SO important to us and we geek out on all things music & film: how music tells stories, rights issues, and we learn her favorite musical moment from FNL (which is one of our all-time favorites too!) Follow our playlist on Spotify to hear all of our favorites from each episode! And be sure to watch for Painkiller on Netflix and Forget Normal! Follow us @txforeverpod / Join our Facebook group Friday Night Lights: Panther Pride  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support
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    S3E7: Keeping Up Appearances (with Todd Buonopane)


    We are Keeping Up Appearances this week with Todd Buonopane (say it five times fast)! He’s a Broadway actor, cabaret singer and TV actor: Grey’s Anatomy, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but most importantly THE Jeffrey Weinerslav from 30 Rock. We geek out on musical theatre, concerning Sims habits, the specific hotness of an earnest and responsible Billy Riggins and more. A filler of an episode but 10/10 commentary. Enjoy! We also give a health update for y’all at the top of this episode. We are frustrated and grieving this new obstacle but we’re keeping our eyes clear 💙 Thank you all for being here and along this ride with us! Follow along @txforeverpod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/txforeverpod/support

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