AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

AGB Trusteeship Podcast

Association of Governing Boards (AGB)

The Trusteeship Podcast from the Association of Governing Boards (AGB) provides perspective on the issues facing the nation's universities and colleges. Through insider insight and expert analysis, AGB's podcast helps leaders in this vital sector advance the public trust in higher education.

24 Episodes

  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Graduate Online Enrollment Marketing


    Online program management is more important than ever before since nearly every student in America has now taken online classes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Higher education institutions can no longer afford not to learn, master, and perfect the creation, marketing, and enrollment of online college programs. In this podcast, Andy Lounder, AGB’s associate vice president of programs, speaks with Greg O’Brien, the chief growth officer for Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL), about the state of online education and enrollment today.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    The Colorado Trustee Network


    In early 2021, trustees representing every public university in Colorado joined together to form the Colorado Trustee Network (CTN). This coalition’s mission is to support Coloradan trustees in enacting meaningful change related to Colorado’s investment in higher education, the state’s equity gap, and the alignment of postsecondary education and the workforce. In this podcast, Morgan Alexander, AGB’s associate director of public policy and strategic communications, speaks with three founding members of CTN: Alison Griffin, the chair of the board of trustees of Colorado Mesa University; Russell Noles, the vice chair of the Metropolitan State University of Denver Board of Trustees; and Chris Romer, a trustee of Colorado Mountain College.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

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  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    The Principles of Trusteeship


    This past spring, AGB published the Principles of Trusteeship to enhance the effectiveness of all board members. These nine principles empower each and every board member to serve as strategic thought partners in governance and leadership with their boards, presidents, and leadership teams. In this podcast, Merrill Schwartz, AGB’s senior vice president of content and program strategy speaks with Marla Bobowick, project director for the Principles of Trusteeship working group, and Jim Lyons, a former university president and member of the working group about the process of developing the principles, how to utilize the principles as a board development tool, and their favorite principles.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Strategic Board Leadership for Justice, Equity, and Inclusion


    What is the board’s strategic role in advancing justice, equity, and inclusion? AGB’s own board of directors considered this question and recently published the AGB Board of Directors’ Statement on Justice, Equity, and Inclusion and Guidance for Implementation to guide governing boards in their efforts to implement this important governance work.   In this podcast, AGB President and CEO Henry Stoever speaks with the organization’s board chair, Shauna Ryder Diggs, and board member Leo M. Lambert about the process, anticipated outcomes, and key to success as boards examine and address barriers to justice, equity, and inclusion in their own work, at all levels of the institution, and beyond the borders of the campus.   
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Higher Ed Budgets for the Post-COVID Era


    The Lumina Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently developed a framework to help policymakers make strategic budget decisions for higher education post-COVID. With Scott Jenkins of Lumina and Travis Reindl of Gates, Kristin Hultquist of HCM Strategists discusses how the framework can help states and boards lead through and after the crisis.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Launching a Fundraising Campaign at a Community College


    In this podcast, AGB Senior Fellow and George Watt interviews Oakton Community College President Joianne Smith and Chief Advancement Officer Katherine Sawyer as Oakton prepares to launch its first fundraising campaign.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Fundraising Campaigns in Higher Education Part II: Financing and Staffing the Campaign


    How do institutions fund and staff their fundraising campaigns? Tom Mitchell, vice president for advancement of the University of Florida, co-edited AGB’s forthcoming publication, Fundraising Campaigns in Higher Education: A Practical Guide for Governing and Foundation Boards, and in this podcast, interviews chapter authors Lisa Eslinger of the Iowa State University Foundation and Zach Smith of WittKieffer on financing and staffing the campaign.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Fundraising Campaigns in Higher Education: Part I


    What do board members need to know about fundraising campaigns? AGB’s 2021 publication, Fundraising Campaigns in Higher Education: A Practical Guide for Governing and Foundation Boards, offers board members a thorough grounding in the basic principles of successful comprehensive campaigns. John Lippincott, president emeritus of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, co-edited the book and in this podcast, interviews chapter authors Charlie Phlegar of Virginia Tech and Sergio Gonzalez of Brown University on campaign foundations and structure.
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Innovative Foundations


    What makes a foundation innovative? How does a foundation catalyze innovation if the institution doesn’t have a culture of innovation? AGB's publication, The New Realities for Public Higher Education Foundations, focuses on the opportunities and risks institutionally related foundations face in a dynamic and uncertain higher education environment. In this podcast, former AGB President Rick Legon edited the book and interviews Gretchen Buhlig, CEO of the Arizona State University Foundation and author of the New Realities chapter, “The Innovative Foundation.”
  • AGB Trusteeship Podcast podcast

    Board Leadership for Racial Justice


    Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Board of Trustees recently voted to establish a Committee on Sustainable Racial Justice. This standing committee at the regional public institution will provide board-of-trustee oversight of the university’s efforts to eradicate systematic racism. In this podcast, MSU Denver’s Board Secretary David Fine discusses the work behind the new committee with trustees Mario Carrera and Albus Brooks, the board members who called for the formation of this committee.

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